Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008


I am just a huge fan of taking pictures!! Well I am definately not good at it but that is okay. I have started to online scrapbook I want to know peoples opinions on that It is alot quicker but it costs me 2.99 to print on 12x12 page is it worth it? I am trying to figure out and I will let you know if it is for me

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Long Past Due

Okay so I know it has been forever since I have posted put I just decided to do the whole month in one post. Kensi is now 6 months old and starting to become a little spoiled! She is still a blast and we love her to death. She is trying so hard to crawl gets on all fours and either goes backwards or moves her knees only and face plants it!! She is so entertaining. As for Mark and I all is well. Mark is enjoying his internship and I guess I am enjoying work! Jut trying to live life to the fullest. It is now that I have a child that I realize just how fast time actually goes!!!!
Kensi spends a lot of time snuggling with me because on Wednesdays I come home from work in time for Mark to go to work, well actually we have a neighbor watch her for 15 minutes because we overlap just a bit. But this makes it so I sleep when Kensi does! She almost always has a morning nap for 3 hours but then she is ready to play it is so hard to entertain on 3 hours of sleep but I try my best.

We just decided we needed a couple pictures while we were all dressed up.
Kensi has now started eating and thinks she needs to eat everything, We are trying all sorts of baby food and rice cereal which is her favorite. She also love oatmeal!
This is my jug of water from when I had Kensi and I keep it on the counter so that I make sure to drink enough. Kensi always trys to suck out of the straw with me then we realized that this works we each have our own piece to suck on! It is hillarious she does this every time I take a drink.
The perfect Dads Root Beer advertisement. Mark tempts Kensi with everything. So anything he eats she fights for!

I love when she plays her bow ends up every which way She is our little jammer and sportin it side ways!
A quick note to all the fathers. I am so grateful for the fathers in my life. I know that I could not raise Kensi without Mark he is such a wonderful father and is so great with her. The other night I got frustrated because she did not want to go to bed and he came and took her from me even though he had to be up early and he put her to sleep. Of course she went right to sleep for daddy but I am still so grateful that he realizes when I need a brake. Also to my father in law who is an amazing caring person. I am so grateful that I am fortunate enough the be a part of his family. Thanks for everything. And last but not least I am grateful for my father. He may never read this but he is an incredible father. I love that no matter what he will give me the best hugs. I remember that as a kid always receiving these enormous bear hugs from my father and that is still going. When I first see him and when I leave him I get the best hugs. I am so glad that he is my father. He has made so many sacrifices for me and my family and I cannot thank him enough.