Thursday, August 22, 2013

Utah Trip Take One

Our trip to Utah Was wonderful!! And thanks to mark we have now figured out how to blog from our phones much easier on me!! So unfortunately I took most of my Utah pictures on my camera but here are a few of us off my phone... The flowers are from mark!! He had them sent to me while he was home! Soo sweet!! There is a couple pictures of us at the zoo with our London cousins that was a blast!! And the picture of avy holding dresdyns hand was soo special she just decided to hold it and held it for a while!! And last but not least is a picture on the way home with our very tired girls!!

More pictures

Kensi on her first day! My three crazy kids and snuggling in Brixtons bed! And avy at our last gastro appointment! Fun fun pictures yeah!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Family and cuts

Well we haven't used our ipad for pictures lately so I only have a few to post until I plug in my camera! First picture is our family last week for church! Brixton is close to 6 months old now and got his first tooth last week! He is now sitting, well until he face plants it anyway. He is also attempting to crawl! He gets from point a to point b really fast!! But hasn't mastered crawling! He is still an easy going kid In spite of he cold he has right now!!

Avy is doing good and being Avy, our problem child! Many of you know she was recently diagnosed withEoE (eosinophilic esophagitis) like her daddy! So we r just trying to eliminate foods to figure out what is causing the swelling in her throat!! We r currently eliminating dairy and soy!! Little did I know soy is in everything!! Ahh but I'm learning the less processed the food the less likely it has soy! So I'm going to be cooking a little more so I know what ingredients are going into my food!! Mark is going to be doing this elimination diet with her so hopefully all will go well and we will keep you posted as we have only been doing this 2 days ha ha!!

Kensi is our big kindergartner!!! She loves it! And hasn't had too many melt downs so far, which for Kensi is huge!! She got her name on the board one day for talking so much and was so devastated I don't see it happening again! Her teacher is mrs mann and has 30 students 20 of which r boys and no assistants so my friend and I are going to try and switch off babysitting so we can help in class!! The other pictures are first of all her blanket was getting so worn that one night I went in her room to check on her and it was wrapped around her neck twice, scared me to death so next morning it was cut into pieces! The last picture was back to school hair cut I cut more than I was planning but after i measured it and realized I cut 8 1/2 inches so I'm wishing I would have cut another 1 1/2 inches and donated it! But I'm very grateful that it is shorter makes school mornings much nicer!!

As for mark and I nothing has changed! We r playing on a co-Ed softball team and we won our first game mark tore his hamstring in the process ending up with an enormous bruise above the knee but I think it was worth it! I'll post pictures of Kensi's first day in a bit!!

We are feeling blessed for all we have and for a strong growing family!!!!