Monday, September 7, 2009

Our wonderful Visitors!

Okay so get ready for a ton of pictures on our fun filled week we had so much fun!!!

The steam train they use at this time of the year it is fun to hear real train sounds and it is eco friendly it runs on vegitable oil!
Kibab lake it is s fun one that we like!

Kensi attempting to put all the rocks in the lake!

Throwing rocks!

Swiming at Aunt joys was so fun lots of toys and lote to do we had such a wonderful time there! and

Mark got one of his dreams to ride in the BMW Z4 and he loved it we even went on the free way to test it's speed!

She is such a good swimmer!


Kensi got to go too because Londyn wanted to go so we borrowed the car seat!
Cute Londyn and Kensi shoine of their hair on our fancy new deck!

Ready . . . .

Get set . . . .


Lovin it Kensi went off the zip line at aunt Joys house she wasnt even scared they said that she was the smallest person that has gone off it! I even went on it as did londyn it was really fun but quite high so I was proud of the two girls wanting to go!!

The two girls at the soccer game it was way fun They loved that they would run around! Go girls NAU!
Markie and Londyn getting ready for the soccer game!

Our Newest friend at the Grand canyon he kept getting in Kensi's stroller! I have spilt ice cream a little while ago and he was licking it. it was hillarious!

Me and Londyn at the grand canyon and she even has a grand canyon cowboy hat on!

Markie and the girls laying on the deck in the cold!

We were so grateful that Bec, Phil, Londyn, and Irelynd were able to come down it was wonderful for kensi to have someone to play with and nice to have some adults around the house! thank you guys so much we miss you already and love you tonz. we had a blast!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

house photos!

this is the only picture I have of them in their worn form!! so this is the before Picture!!
And after to Match the crib!

Closer up!

And the other dresser! sorry it's blurry

Master suite finally decorated!

Master bath I was debating whether to hand a picture of the family or the temple and mark said that he would only pee to an outhouse and so I found one online for him!! Happy peeing Mark!! lol

My master with pictures hung!

our entry hall! eventually we will build a computer desk and this will be a bench under the grouping!

The famous phillipino picture that Rick fought for thanks for the fight so we could have some wonderful modern philippino art!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

our new deck we love it so far mark and his skills made this deck possible!
side profile of our dead lawn and our projects to finish the swing set and put wood chips under it!

I cut back our over grown bushes now they look much better

I planted bushes and they will be quite tall when grown and even better only 2.50 a bush

our patio that will eventually have a fire pit andbenches and a waterfall yeah!!