Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two beautiful girls

My new favorite picture! the other day Avy was about 3 weeks old and kensi was realizing that this baby was staying around! so she decided to make the most of it! I had just gotten avy to sleep and layed her down! and in comes kensi with two baby dolls and one was for avy so she looked at her on the couch and she didnt see that I was watching but she then layed the baby down by avy and slowly pushed it closer and closer! I thought it was the cuttest thing ever and I love these precious moments that make life worth while!
My cuttest family!

I decided to dress up my two girls and take some pictures for fathers day! Now I'm no where as good as my sister at taking pictures but the girls were in a good mood so that made it easier!

Two big girls! I have this picture with kensi and londyn and love is so I decided to try it again.

My beautiful Kensi at 2 1/2 years old!

her cheesy pose where she says cheese as she is smiling so the smile looks a little fake!

Avy now 6 weeks old is getting so big so fast! she is already almost 11 pounds! I'm not used to a chubby baby but I love it!

Of course you have to have the close up!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

look a like

I decided to post pictures of how much my two girls look a like but it is hard because of there 3 lb difference and the fact that Avy has darker and a ton more hair!

Avy at probably 3 days old
And kensi at about 3month old ha ha in the same outfit!

Kensi the day she was born!

Avy the day she was born!

The famous weight picture I actually dont think they look a like in this one but in my head I thought they looked a lot a like!
so this is Avy and the same size scale!
Kensi at a much smaller weight!

Monday, June 7, 2010

new pictures

My baby is 4 weeks old and I cannot believe how fast time has already gone! we are going good and cherishing the nights that are more than 4 hours sleep!! Avy smiled for the first time yesterday and is already getting so big. I love having a chubby baby because kensi never was!!
My wonderful sister took these pictures the other day and I loved the way they turned out!!! She is getting so stinkin good at taking pictures and I'm grateful that she is willing to practice on my children.

look at the cute little nakedness!

I love the close up to see every detail!