Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merriest Christmases are the Best

Kensi always wants to Swing at Grandma and Grandpa's, even if there is snow to play in on the ground. Had to put this picture of the cute niece.
Opining presents of Christmas with Kensi this year was wonderful. She was the only one who opened any presents on Christmas morning. She loved her gifts and opening everyone elses.

Pajama picture with the kensi pout.

Christmas was wonderful this year, we were able to travel to Utah and back without any event. Kensi was wonderful on the drive. We had a wonderful time with all our family.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kensi's birthday and the big snow!

The start of kensi's birthday her and her friend Gracie making her chocolate cake!

Getting ready to play in the first big snowfall of the year!
playing with daddy she had so much fun for the little minute that she played then of course she was cold!

Determined to swing even though there was a foot of snow on it but nothing that a brush off cant help.

Kensi's birthday cake attempted to look like a giant donut but I'm far from a good decorator!

Kensi's toys from grandma London we got mega blocks because they are the favorite toy to play with at grandma's

A musical sit and spin but it was kinda hard for her to understand how to spin herself! so basically it is a fancy music maker!

Our snow craziness we shoveled and then went to bed and woke up as though we had done nothing it is about 18 in to 2 ft of snow after one night it is awesome but a pain to shovel!

more of the shoveling

Poor Mark shoveling our driveway it is a long one and everyone told us the winters weren't bad here so we have not invested in any snow removal equipment accept last Saturday we bought a shovel and thank heavens for that!
Everything with mark and I is good like said kensi just celebrated her 2nd birthday. and Mark is liking his job more and more even today because he gets to work from home because they closed to the interstate! I start training at my job tonight for the next couple of weeks on the floor and I have to train full time so wish me luck with that! baby London is growing quickly and coming from one of my young women " you're huge" makes me know for sure that it is growing! we should find out on the 22nd what we are having but if we don't find out then then it wont be until the end because we only get 3 us total and the one in a couple of weeks is our second one! so we are excited and glad to be so blessed at this time. We are grateful that we were able to go home for thanksgiving and even more grateful to be going home for Christmas! we love the holidays mainly for the fact that family gets to be close! well that is us in a nutshell and we wish everyone a merry Christmas.