Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just a few updates

Life has been good lately!! Always so nice to have a long weekend! We had some friends over for Labor Day and mark made amazing shredded BBQ beef tacos and Spanish rice and even hand fried corn shells! All gluten dairy and soy free ha ha!

But we had a couple sleep overs the pictures of mark and the girls on the couch is only minutes before them all asleep! 

Kensi lost her first tooth!! On Thursday she was soo excited! The tooth fairy brought her $2 which I thought was very generous of her and she woke up and said I always thought the tooth fairy would leave me a prize not money!! I was worried but then she said "but I'm so excited I got money!!" 

Avy is still doing good as u can see I think we might take her off gluten as well but this month is going to be a lot of experimenting!! So hopefully I can do this! We have done pretty good so far! If anything it has forced me to make homemade dinner every night which is good!! The picture is of her all formal in her cook ware her favorite outfit at my friends !!

Brixton is good he got his first tooth but I probably wrote about that in my last post!! Still happy smiley kid! Many love him I often don't see him at church at all because he is being passed around! Even Sunday there was a visitor the Lured him under my bench by shaking her keys and now that he is moving good, he went right under to her! She was very excited! And he was excited to get the keys!so win win! The other picture of Brixton is when cleaning out marks closet the girls dressed him up! And avy bonked his head then got him a bandaid!!

Everything else is great! We r blessed is so many different ways! I always love fast Sundays and the strength. that they give! Grateful to be in this church!!