Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkins and bedtime

Finally I didn't have to work one night so we carved pumpkins!! Kensi was so excited to carve a scary face but grossed out by the clean out!! Mark of course had to show us all up by and intricate carving of Minnie mouse! And Avy had no desire to be a part of any of it!!

The other picture is a bedtime story time the girls favorite time of day hanging out with daddy!! I'm hoping that some day I'm as cool as him!!

Kensi has her program on Sunday and has been practicing her part all week! Now hopefully she won't freak out in front of the crowd! She keeps reminding me that if she does a good job that daddy is going to buy her "mixed" chocolate milk!! Ha ha instead of powder that is! Everything else is well with us I'm just excited to have a weekend home with no thought of work! Yeah!! Good night all!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

California trip!!

We were so blessed to be able to go on a vacation with our wonderful little family!! It all started on Friday after mark got off work then he came and picked us up! We journeyed the 5 hours to St. George and stayed at aunt Nola's trailer! And we're blessed to be able to see my mom and dad and aunts and uncles who were all in St george to redo my grandmas shower!! Which because of the tiny living quarters of my grandmas trailer we were unable to help with because we would have definitely been in the way!

We stayed Friday night and Saturday night watching conference and shopping. When mark went to priesthood session my mom, my aunts and I were able to go to a baby shower in Colorado city! If was at a 30,000 square foot home of a poligimast. Very interesting so if you are curious call me and I'll tell u all about it!!!

Sunday morning we slept in and cleaned up then decided to continue on our journey to California!! Another 5 hours but the girls did great! We stayed at a beautiful hotel with 3 swimming pools!! We drove to the beach and watched the sunset and got a tiny bit jealous of the beautiful homes right on the coast line!! Monday morning we got ready and headed to the beach to swim this time.. Kensington loves the water as does mark but this was avy's first time and she was not sure of those waves!! She loves water like crazy but would not even consider going in the ocean maybe it was just a little big for her. So she and I played in the sand instead! We walked around peer and found some great food! A pastry shop next to a fish taco shop and the Both looked like holes in wall but had lines out the door!! They were fantastic!

Then Tuesday came the day kensington was waiting for the day we were to go to mickeys Halloween party at Disneyland! We were able to go at 3pm to check in. We of course saw the princesses first and we were blessed to see princesses we had not seen yet! Kensi was so happy! We saw the Disney parade and then the moment came Avy saw Minnie mouse her jaw dropped for a solid minute and after she passed Avy kept looking for her instead of watching the rest of the parade! So we trick or treated and ate some dinner and waited in line for an hour to see Mickey and minnie for Avy who was soo excited until....... We got to them it was like Santa and she clung to me like a koala and would not even look at either of them! So we learned our lesson about waiting in lines!!

So after lots more candy the Halloween parade, some rides, and fireworks our girls were tired! We headed out. Sad to leave but had such a blast there! Then Wednesday morning we checked out and headed home after getting a couple more pastries of course!! So like I have said before the pictures post how they want to post and I cant write under them so hopefully you can figure our what goes where!! The best is Avy seeing minnie picture!!