Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Play Time

Kensi now 7 weeks old is starting to play with toys what seems to be on purpose. she loves swatting at things then watching them swing. It is hillarious to watch.
We just had a fun dinner with Cody and Mel Layton the other day for another one of Marks experimental dishes, that turned out delicious. We are so grateful that we have so much family so close and are able to get together for dinner without making it a big deal. We are so glad that Kensi is having the oppertunity to grow up around so much wonderful family.

Hanging out with Family

Kensi is a sucker for family, or maybe it is us that is a sucker for her. Mark and I cannot seem to get enough of her. The middle picture is Kensi with one of her favorite cousins Londyn. Londyn is so cute with kensi and she aready knows that they are best friends. Londyn is anxiously awaitig the day that kensi can run around with her and I'm sure they are destined to be two pretty dang cute trouble makers. Two days ago Kensi gave Mark the largest smile while he was tickling her. We definately have a ticklish child. She has given a couple smiles since and is getting better at it. She is starting to interact so much. it makes every day a blast.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Kensi is 6 weeks

Kensi is now 6 weeks old and starting to look directly at you; Mark has even got her to smile. She is now up to 7 pounds and we are getting better at sleeping through the night. We are trying to get better at taking her pictures and we will be posting pictures once we can get our computer to work.

Our Kensi

Kensi came into this world three weeks early because I was having some problems with my blood pressure and it was time to deliver. After 18 hours of labor Kensington Paige London was born at 5 pounds and 1 ounce. Although she was little everyone was extremely impressed at how strong she was. The nurses and doctors all called her penaut because she was so bitty. We were able to leave the hosptial after two days and came home to the real life. We came home to a room full of presents becasue we missed the ward shower. It was a wonderful gift. Now we are just trying to ajust to have a child and doing everything that we can for her.

Our Story

Jessica and I will be married for five years in May. We met at Bell printinn in South Ogden. She came in to check me out, little did she know that I was checking her out too. We were married the next year after I gave Jessica plenty of time and space to think about being Mrs. Jessica London. I think she likes it. We have enjoyed each other ever since. We were just blessed with a beautiful baby girl. We named her Kensington Paige London. She was born on December 7th 2007. I will add more later