Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home Shoping

Well as many of you know Mark has accepted a job in Flagstaff, Az for GORE as a Mechanical Engineer and we are so excited and proud of him. Mark has worked so hard for our family to get through the impossabilities of school to finally see the end. We are excited to work for this company they truly seem like a great one!! but hunting for a house??

AAAHHHH!! It seems so fun and we have looked for homes ever since we got married but never for this real!!! and I honestly did not think that it would be this stressful. I'm a stressor to some extent but usually just think it will all work out in the end but this has made me sick to my stomach often. The stress of The homes you like being sold, being worried of not finding a good deal, not being able to have enough money for all the down payments and closing costs, all the pre approval crap and many phone calls waiting on hold to talk to someone that is soon to take all your money, and making sure that you find the right neighbor hood for your family and to raise my daughter ( no worries I already looked at the sexual preditors website)!!

Maybe it will be better when we actually go and see the homes I hope so anyway. We are going to flagstaff in a couple of weeks and the late night internet searches will turn into actual homes Crazy how that works. So thanks to all of you out there that warned me how stressful this would be or lack thereof!!!! all I could think of before was what color to paint the walls but that is only if the house is not sold!! He He He sorry for my venting I do feel better now I think that mark has heard enough of my venting continually since we started this so Prayers for us that we do actually find the home that is for us!!! and go a head and give any advice if you would like to!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Will you be my Valentine???

Okay I know that so many people think that Valentines is a stupid excuse for telling your loved one that you love them and that you should do that on a daily basis. But the thing is we are human and busy at that so I love having a day dedicated to love!!! This is going to be a picture less post because I am at work and I got no picts. I just wanted to send a quick note saying how fortunate I am to have my wonderful husband. We have been married 6 years and so many people told me that since i was married so young that after a couple years I will want to go back to being free and a teenager again, well that is far from the case. Mark is the best thing that I could have ever asked for and more. There is not a day that goes my that I do not feel so fortunate that I have him. He truly is my best friend, we have been through so much together. We have traveled the world together and more important brought a child to this earth. I am so glad that I have been able to do all this with him. Mark I love you so much and am so greatful to have you in my life now and for the much more life there is to come!! The other day I was walking out one of my patients and her husband leaned over to me with such excitment and wispered that he had got her a car for valentines and he could not wait for the expression on her face. Now this couple was both far into their 80's and sure enough when she found out that it was her car she just lit and gave him a kiss it was the cuttest thing ever. I am excited for that so excited to be old with my husband. And mark you had better give me a car for valentines when I am 86 aight. I love you and hope that you will be my valentine!!!!