Monday, June 22, 2009

Tourists in our own town

We decided to play tourists in our own town since er are probably the minority being natives. so we grabbed or camera and went and saw all the fin things they have in such the small town of Williams, Arizona
PIES there is this place that is called the Pine country and it has the most amazing hometown cooked food and for their pies they are huge, look amazing, and are expensive but I have tried a couple and I have yet to find one that I like!! But no worries there are like 50 to choose from. I've just been too spoiled with marks home cooked pies that are amazing but I'll keep trying!

Crusers route 66 diner. Everyone says they love this place we have yet to eat there but we are looking forward for the day.

you can ride anywhere in a wagon there wonderful and I"m sure pricey but we did not take one this time we will wait for visitors for that ride.

Wild west shoot out. There is a play every night at 7:00 and it only lasts 20 minutes but it is hilarous they even close off the street for it!

More pictures of the show
There is much more so we would love to have yall down for a visit. it was a fun night and I'm glad that we did it.
Kensi 1/2 way blinking
Mark and the very attractive man at the pub.

The famous train it goes close to our house so kensi and mark decided to bike to the train and take some pictures.

Route 66 cafe good drinks the cheri coke is amazing and their homeade cream soda. but their sandwiches not so good so if you happen to go there don't get that.

Me and a beautiful lady at the diner

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So many Questions

So I tried to post some pictures but for some reason it is not working right now. Picture to come but they did not have anything to do with the post anyway!!!

Okay to all you mothers both stay at home and not! So kensi is the biggest rollercoster is this just an 18 month thing or is this going to last forever? or am I the only one who feels this way? There are days (well maybe I should go with moments) there are moments that Kensi is my best friend and I honestly am okay hanging out with her and only her. then those moments seem to flip into this monster. where she freaks out if she does not get here way throws these temper tantrums and makes me honesly feel like even if I wanted I could not have another kid. Mentally and physically too much to handle.

Then there are these moments where I'm the last person in the world that she wants and will not let me hold her if her life depended on it, then like on sunday took her to nursery which she has been struggling with in the new ward, got her occupied and snuck out. then two mothers could not get her to calm down so once they found me she immediatly stopped for the occational gasp of breath!!!

Speaking of nursery any tricks??? Mark and I have to switch so be able to have some sanity and go to parts of church. There is a possibility that one of us will be put in the nursey they only have one lady for 9 kids CRAZY but last week they had help from another couple and mark/me

Last but not least every once in a while she will still wake up in the middle of the night I don't know to bad dreams or whether she has marks bad guts and her stomach hurts but usually she frustrates me because she wont calm down and freaks out until she falls asleep then wont let you put her down, so you end up holding her 1/2 the night!!! but then there are nights like last night where I completely woke up when she did and we just sat together she honestly sat with me at 3-5 am and watched tv and drank some milk then slowly layed down and fell asleep on me and was easy to lay in bed. I'm sorry but I loved that!! Just sitting there with my daughter that cant tell me what is wrong and snuggling!! It was wonderful.

So as of now I think I might be able to handle one more but she has not woken up yet so I'll let you know!!!Sorry such a long post ! feel free to post your comments on what a bad mother I am that my child throws temper tantrums and says no!! or to tell me your methods of dealing with it. or the waking up thing of the nursery thing feel free for advice!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I pulled our the camera to take picts of the lawn and Kens starts yelling cheese so I had to get one of her
Kens helping me with the lawn in her lovely matching shoes!


After so far!

Before front yard

After! The one left is a plant I think well it was really pretty so we left it for some color!
And after you can see that there is still a long ways to go! And I know it you are all jelous of our dead kidney shaped lawn.

I know that all yall probably don't care but I have to share my hard work with someone! Mark appreciates it, but it just seems like it takes forever to do such a small bit! So here for all you that don't care my lawn progression! One more thing we just noticed that we have a sprinkling system !!! yeah!! hopefully we can figure out why only some are working

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Play Date

He He I never thought I would be the type of a play date person. but ladies from my ward invited and with the need to make friends I attended and actaully had a blast. Thank heavens they do it every week. We went to an enclosed park let our kids run wild and we sat at a table in the middle of it and laughed. It was great. I played thousands of questions trying to get to know everyone, and although I know how many kids they have and what their husbands do I'm still working on their names. Names are the worst for me to learn. Hopefully I will get there soon. But just so everyone knows I'm now a fan of play dates that is if they are all like that! I love you and miss you all. Sorry no pictures I'm working on the yard tomorrow and we live in quite the jungle so I will post pictures of the progression.

Monday, June 1, 2009

updates from the London home

The first restraunt we went to in Williams and anyone that comes down will be going to it has amazing food and like 50 types of pie.
Kensi asleep on her bear I love this picture!

Kensi and DAddy home for one of the first times!

A train promoting the movie a christams carol. they were cool and you could take free tours of the train.

Our kitchen started there is still much to go!

Family rm. with the flat pannel we had to buy for the firsplace because the holes were already there.

Our master suit. I love it I love having a bathroom attched to the bedroom and huge closets are even better.

Spare bedroom were yall will be staying if you come Please come WE would love to have you
Quick update on us everything is going good I was a little worried to be here with what I tought was unfriendly neighbors but turned out everyone seems to be nice. We went to church and although a very small ward there is a lot of young families which is what we want. Kensi has been having a hard time. She misses everyone so much it is crazy you think that she would forget faster! she asks about so many all the time, Becca, Jill, Mylee, londyn, phil and of course grandma and papa! So today was sad because she kept looking for mark and when she realized that he was not here she would not leave my side. Sad but hopefully she understands and realizes when everyone visits that they did not die they just live far away!! I love you all and hope to hear from you soon. I'm a little concerned what I'm going to be doing with me and the little miss 5 days a week. I think that I might pick up cooking more but we will have to see!
oh yeah one more kensi's rm and yes she is even asleep in there!