Tuesday, December 13, 2011

wow I think we have been forgotten!

Well it has been quite some while since we have posted so sorry for that our card reader is not the best and I'm not a very good story teller to just write hence the delay!! Things in our home are good but we did have a couple stressful weeks starting off this this little stinker.

We had surgey scheduled for the 22nd of december and because there was a large change we would still be in Mesa on christmas I asked if we could be on call if any other kiddos called in sick for surgery! and so of corse the week I called them I shortly got a call back on a wednesday afternoon that they had an opening the next day! so because we had a heathly child we decided to go for it! Surgery went well and shorter than they thought good thing!!! I can only imagine it taking longer then they thought and waiting for word. Because Cardon's hospital was short on patients they put us on the oncology floor and I tried my best to ignore the sick kids!! There was lots of worn out mothers and crying kiddos. I was truly grateful that we was only in the hospital for a little surgery!

By that night she was running and squeeling expicially when she saw kensi! she got so excited. We were able to leave the next day but the doctors wanted us to stay in Mesa if possible incase anything happened. and because of the snow in flag and a wonderful hospitible Aunt Joy we stayed until sunday. we shopped and played almost just like we were there for a visit. so I'm very grateful for an incredible hospital and really left the experience without any bad feelings!!

This picture is out of place so come back to it in a minute!!

Posing for christmas card pictures if you didnt get one and want one leave me your address and I will get you one because I have plenty so you dont have to feel left out!!

Of course Avy does everything that kensi does so they were both practicing a little ballet.

Right before Avy joined in

love this picture too bad there is the haze over it!!

Such hopeful eyes!

K so now you can refer back to the other picture. This was my summer project well like a year project it is my first quilt and it took a lot more time and money than I ever thought it would. but thanks to my mother helping me quilt it and taking it home to bind I was able to finish to give to my grandma for christmas!! Adn thanks bec for the idea and the many many phone calls to figure out what in the heck I was doing. My grandma has always made all the grandkids a quilt for their wedding and each greatgrand child a afagan and I though I dont know if anyone has ever made her a quilt so I did just that and I will let you know what she thinks after I give it to her for christmas.

Next we had Kensi's birthday and this is pretty much how she spent most of it. we had friends over and one friend gave her a huge pile of hand me down books and of corse instead of paying attention to anything else she just wanted to read that is what whe loves to do. we finally had to take them away so that she would blow out her candles.

Sorry random picture thrown in the middle this is after we were discharged from the hospital and the kids were playing on everything even though avy doesnt look happy she was very excited to leave that place!

Kensi's cake it doesnt look all that fancy but it was sooo good mark made rasberry cream cheese frosting and a twinky cake(well that is what it tasted like anyway) and it was soo good!!

As for everything else Mark is doing good and starting a bigest looser contest with friends in january and I think I'm going to join him We both need to be more disipled on being healthy! but his work is going well and he seems to be busier with his church job then his real job but I guess that is how it goes. AS for me really nothing just doing projects to keep me busy and I'll update pcitures of my lattest!! Kensi is keeping busy and still nice and winey! ha ha her lattest is she brought me a letter A that she had written on a piece of paper and cut out she gave it to me then said here is my letter to santa!! after that we talked about how there are different kinds of letters so now she calls it her note to santa. And Avy finally started nursery and is not sure about it nor is the leader but oh well she has to learn sometime to hangout with someone else for a while. and this sunday mark and I both got to enjoy lessons for once in a while!! well I hope that is an ok update and I'll try to do better next time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th of July in Utah

We were able to spend a day on the lake.

Everything was so green it was amazing.

The girls in there skirts from grandma.

Mommy and Avy after the fire truck soak.

The girls at the parade in Morgan

The whole Family.

Our little family.

The little babe.

New Haircut

Jessica decided to cut her hair and donate to Locks of Love

The after loaded first.

Flagstaff Stake Trek

Jessica and I were lucky to go on Trek this year as adult children. This is part of the group that went from our Williams Ward

Friday, May 20, 2011

Avy is finally one well last week she was!!

This post is all over and I apologize for that!! you would think after how long I have been blogging I would learn how to put the pictures in the right order but NOPE!! so here is Avy's first birthday all out of order and stats are... 19.1 lbs, not sure how tall but she is 45% for hight and head! she can say ma ma and dada, sleeping through the night most nights! and started walking at about 11 and a half months!! and what a mean mom am I we went in for her well baby check up only to find out that she had double ear infections!! but for all of you that know we are grateful that surgery will most likely not be until she is 18 months old instead of next month!! yeah but we will know for sure the 3rd of june!(for all that dont know she has massive reflux in her kidney and will need surgery to re insert the ureter into the bladder).

Attempting at a new pose on our weekly picture!!

And back to the traditional!!

at the end of Avy's birthday she was pooped!!

opening presents!!! I beginning to think that these pictures are all out of order!!

ha ha the cake destruction!!

The beginning of the destruction on Avy's first birthday

the set up and gifts for Avy!!

and of corse you have got to have cupcakes to match the cake!!

The cake before it got tore into!!

posing for her firts birthday picture!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I decided to take pictures of my girls and dressed them up to match of corse and I lovethat Avy's hair now fits in pig tails!!
There is always the distraction of the TV!!
I love this girl!
Time for dress ups and Kensi is now into dressing up Avy but cant do it herself so is constantly asking me to do it!!
Every week we take a picture on this stool before church!! this was only like 3 weeks ago so it shows how fast avy's hair is growing!
Someone found a M&M what do you think!
love this picture 2 weeks ago!
first ice cream cone! today it was everywhere!!
Avy's new favorite thing! Kensi was never really interested in the bathroom so now avy is ten fold we have to constantly keep the bathroom closed or she will be in the toilet!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Disneyland 2011

Alright everyone get ready for a ton of pictures and of corse this is not even half of it but all I'm posting for now!! So for christmas my mom gave all the kids and grandkids a vacation to california! a little worried about how my family would react being together all day for 5 days we were all a little nervous but it ended up being a blast. We all got along hung out a ton and just had so much fun together! I'm up for a yearly family vacation! as long as my parents are paying of corse!! ha ha

We say a ton of charaters and got a picture with each so get ready for a lot and they are all in different orders! BUZZ Light year
Kensi, Mylee, and Allie these three because quite good firends on this trip!

Ariel one of the favorites

Mickey was so cute dancing and playing with each kid!
Minnie in front of her darling house

Sleeping beauty I think that she was one of my favorite!!

Snow white of corse when kensi saw her she immediately showed her cinderella who was just around the corner!!

The very favorite Cinderella I actually cried when kensi saw her because she was seriously so stinkin excited!!
Good ol woody

Rapunzle or as kensi says "punzel" we waited a whoopin hour for her but she was way cute so it was worth it!

tinker bell kensi was the most outwardly excited to see her! I think that she was a germaphobe becasue she choose this as the pose!

slivermist but kensi is convinced that it is Rosetta
My girleys

The cheeser smile!
The world of color!! loved it!!
seriously amazing what they can do with color and lights

Mr. Incredible

So many fun rides
mator and lightening maqueen!
Fun at the beach

Mylee wouldnt smile for the life of her but still stinkin cute
grandma's lap is warmest.

The beach was definately one of my favorite days!! just hanging out digging up crabs and half the kids were in their underware it was hilarious.

Mark took alll the teenagers to hollywood on the sunday of the grammys so yes they saw the red carpet!!
and found some of their favorite stars

had to have this one!

first picture at disneyland!!

All the grand kids and of corse the Grand parents!!
Thanks again mom and dad for all the fun!!