Monday, February 8, 2010

girls, forts, and belly's

The two cute bagel girls with one heel each!
Saturday morning activity! I worked friday night this week and mark and kensi were trying to keep busy so that I could sleep after a while kensi couldnt wait any longer and game to wake me up yelling tunnel tunnel! so I came out to find this work of art! this was definatly one of my favorite things to do when I was young and there was even like 3 different rooms under here!

Kensi finally got permission to destroy and that was her favorite part!

And here she is boys!! ha ha I really think that I was this big the week before kensi was delivered but I guess we will just deal with it I am currently only 26 weeks and feel like I'm already counting down. at my last doctors appt I asked her if she was sure that I was not way over weight and she laughed and assured me that I really hadn't gained that much but some how I turned into this! I guess that is the joy of pregnancy right!
Baby is doing good and more active than kensi ever was she moves like 20 out of 24 hours a day! WE are still deciding on names and havent settled on one yet. The closer it gets the more kensi and us are are getting excited. Kensi is starting to realize that there is a baby in my belly and now carries around her dolls and calles them all baby sister! So we are very excited and hopefully we have an uneventful couple months until she comes!