Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I decided to take pictures of my girls and dressed them up to match of corse and I lovethat Avy's hair now fits in pig tails!!
There is always the distraction of the TV!!
I love this girl!
Time for dress ups and Kensi is now into dressing up Avy but cant do it herself so is constantly asking me to do it!!
Every week we take a picture on this stool before church!! this was only like 3 weeks ago so it shows how fast avy's hair is growing!
Someone found a M&M what do you think!
love this picture 2 weeks ago!
first ice cream cone! today it was everywhere!!
Avy's new favorite thing! Kensi was never really interested in the bathroom so now avy is ten fold we have to constantly keep the bathroom closed or she will be in the toilet!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Disneyland 2011

Alright everyone get ready for a ton of pictures and of corse this is not even half of it but all I'm posting for now!! So for christmas my mom gave all the kids and grandkids a vacation to california! a little worried about how my family would react being together all day for 5 days we were all a little nervous but it ended up being a blast. We all got along hung out a ton and just had so much fun together! I'm up for a yearly family vacation! as long as my parents are paying of corse!! ha ha

We say a ton of charaters and got a picture with each so get ready for a lot and they are all in different orders! BUZZ Light year
Kensi, Mylee, and Allie these three because quite good firends on this trip!

Ariel one of the favorites

Mickey was so cute dancing and playing with each kid!
Minnie in front of her darling house

Sleeping beauty I think that she was one of my favorite!!

Snow white of corse when kensi saw her she immediately showed her cinderella who was just around the corner!!

The very favorite Cinderella I actually cried when kensi saw her because she was seriously so stinkin excited!!
Good ol woody

Rapunzle or as kensi says "punzel" we waited a whoopin hour for her but she was way cute so it was worth it!

tinker bell kensi was the most outwardly excited to see her! I think that she was a germaphobe becasue she choose this as the pose!

slivermist but kensi is convinced that it is Rosetta
My girleys

The cheeser smile!
The world of color!! loved it!!
seriously amazing what they can do with color and lights

Mr. Incredible

So many fun rides
mator and lightening maqueen!
Fun at the beach

Mylee wouldnt smile for the life of her but still stinkin cute
grandma's lap is warmest.

The beach was definately one of my favorite days!! just hanging out digging up crabs and half the kids were in their underware it was hilarious.

Mark took alll the teenagers to hollywood on the sunday of the grammys so yes they saw the red carpet!!
and found some of their favorite stars

had to have this one!

first picture at disneyland!!

All the grand kids and of corse the Grand parents!!
Thanks again mom and dad for all the fun!!