Monday, September 15, 2008

First Owie

Kensi Decided to jump right into the concrete before we could grab her. This was our first owie and she handles it quite well. A little Tylenol for the Headache I'm sure she had and then back to cruisin' around again.
I love that band aids make everything better. I did not have one on her head for a while and she was ornery but as soon as the band aid was put on she was a much happier girl.

Daddy and Kensi after playin' in the rain and the first 3-wheeler ride.

NEW DISCOVERY kensi loves corn I did not even think about trying it and before I new it she scooped up my corn and with her two little teeth went to town. No laughin' at me in the background!!!!!!!!!!
I have now figured out how to make Kensi let me do her hair. Before I get her dressed or change her in the morning I put her diapered only self in the sink with the water on. She is so entertained with the water she does not seem to mind that I am doing her hair. works great!
New favorite thing is helping with everything which of course makes it a thousand times harder I never have to look for Kensi because almost always she is sitting on my feet.

These Jammie's did not fit until after she could stand so I am still determined to where them. She gets frustrated when trying to get up and crawling.
It was poring in huntsville one day so we thought we had better try it out! Kensi loved it.
After the rain had soaked us.

Okay I am sorry that I only post once a month and then I post so much people get bored, but deal with it! He He all is well with the London family. Mark is still trying to get through school and I am still trying to love work. Kensi has been standing for an entire month but the craziest thing is she has no desire to walk she will sand up then crawl to the next location only to stand up again. She is not 9 months old and 18 pounds and of course getting to big too fast. Temper tantrums and all got to love getting older.