Sunday, March 8, 2009


I decided to do a shout out to all Registered Nurses. I am at work and it is currently 3am and I just well a while ago decided that we are an under appreciated profession. It seems like that just because you are a nurse that you are supposed to be nice and wonderful to everyone. Well I know maybe it is just me but I like to hear a THANKS every once in a while. I have worked 5 shifts this week and have I even seen my boss to even think about a thank you NO!!! So I am saying it to all the nurses out there you truly are wonderful people and you all deserve a huge THANKS for all that you do!!!!

I had a patient the other night that passed away while in my care and it was somewhat expected and the family seemed to be okay. but for some reason I had the hardest time. Here family is thanking me and everything and I am using all my might to choke back tears!!! it was then that I grew a new appreciation for the nurses that I work with many nurses were helping me that night and you could tell that a couple of nurses noticed that I was choking back, since nurses are trained to notice everything, and many nurses changed their affect and really appeared concerned that I was about to cry!!!! Man I love nurses I work with so many wonderful ones and I know that even though we have a crapy administration we always have each other. We have worked together through some bad times that only seem to be getting worse, and we still have such a great relationship I love it!!! Aight now those nurses that I work with that actually read this will probably mock me for the rest of my life but seeing how I'm leaving in a month you can just deal with being loved for a minute!!! Well again thanks to all the nurses who work with me, all my friends that are nurses and even all those who I don't know that are blogg hopping right now you are wonderful people who deserve much in all that you do!!!