Thursday, October 8, 2009

Me shooting a pistol these are the sort of fun games we play here in arizona when we camp!
Mark shooting the pistol he hit every target right on and was one of the only ones who did!

Eating wonderful peach cobler that Brianne Ford made it was amazing!

Mark with al the babies, Tolby, Kensi, and Quintin!

Two of my closest friends here Brianne and Katie

Kensi loves Jason and he is wonderful with kids I was getting frustrated with Kensi and Jason took her on a nature walk!


sitting around the fire!

Trying to play cards with Katie but as obvious a couple too many kids to actually play!

Had to throw this one in kensi and mark with their aprons on cookin me dinner, Mark was on his way to do splits with the Missionaries and me and Kensi on our way to young women but the meal was wonderful!
As for everything else Mark is loving his job just about done with all of his training! which will be nice because 8 hours of class 5 days a week is getting old! Kensi is still a handful but a fun one at that She is better at nursery now and is starting to know all her friends better here! can officially count to ten on her own and sings twinkle twinkle and ABC's all the time! She thinks everything is cute or perfect and it is wonderful to watch her grow!
As for me I got a job at the Flagstaff Medical Center and have not started yet but train at the end of the month! I'm only prn so that means no benifits but I only work when I want and I just have to maintain at least 32 hours a month! it is perfect for being a mom! I'm float pool for the ICU/ CVICU and Tele so where ever needed that is where I will be anyway sorry it's been a while since a post and hopefully you enjoy this one because who knows when the next will be!