Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Go Jazz

Kens and I were able to go to the Jazz game thanks to Jacki and it was so much fun. We went with alot of the girls and certainly missed those who could not come! So After the game that Kensi and Rylin did very well at we were walking out and Kensi was being her usual self and waving to everyone that passed and we were taking this underground passage out it was pretty cool. (Pays off to have friends in high places he he thanks again Jacki)anyway kensi was waving away and I looked up to see who she was waving to and sure enough it was andre!! I was quite excited and he was saying hi to everyone and he sid hi to Kensi and sure enough she kept on waving! I loved it. So game was a blast and I loved to see everyone. We don't get together enough! Thanks again to Jacki your awesome.

Monday, October 20, 2008


The next day we rented a Car and drove to Monterey! We saw the aquarium which was amazing.

Train Ride

our vacation ended up being a blast. We rode the train 19 hours to emeryville, CA I was shocked and how well kensi did. Yeah itwas a long drive but it was so fun. Kensi took naps and even slept through the night on the train I was shocked. Then we got off the train and took the bart to San Francisco.

Our trip to San Francisco

In SanFransicso we were able to walk on fishermans warf and go to Alcatraz. Talk about creapy, the jail was cold and dark and what a horrible place it would be to stay. We also found out that it was also a place to live that the security gaurds families lived on the island CRAZY! We hung out that night and had a blast.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Beauty of Science.

Big shout out for the body worlds. It was awesome and even better I got in FREE. all health care professionals got free admissions. The body is amazing. Heavely father did a pretty good job in making us. I was amazied at the facts and I feel like I learned so much. Although I was expecting it to be a little bigger some told me they thought it was too big so everyone is different. But huge recomendation for everyone to go it is worth the 22 bucks and students get in for 19.50. make sure you buy your tickets before online becuase when I got there is was sold out but we got ours online. Keep that in mind. I think it remains until Februrary!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We went miniature golfing. I actually had a Saturday night off which does not happen very often and It was so fun. I have not been mini golfing in so long.Kensi would run after the balls every time we hit them then it was her favorite to get them out of the hole at the end.

She climbed on all the different obstacle courses.

At the end of the course there is this out house and you hit the ball to never get it back. This is Kensi's sign for all done. Which she now says and I love it, after every meal or nursing she sits up and puts her hands up like this and says all done! AAAHHH too young to be talking but she surely is.

Chocolate is her favorite we don't give it to her much but when we do if we try to take it away we get in major trouble. yes tantrums and all.
Cheerleader position. She sits like this all the time and it cracks me up because I do to. Any way I love this munchkin.
As for Mark and I we have been house hunting lately we are anxiously waiting to see where Mark will get a job and if we find out it is in Utah we have a couple houses in mind. Mark is applying all over the world, but we have until May when he graduates to find out for sure. I'm a little scared to live outside of Utah but excited at the same time. We will see we will live where we need to live. Kensi is now walking and talking she waves hi and good bye. I love it. I feel like in the last month she has grown up so much I cant seem to keep up. She points and things and gets excited.
We are going to San fran on saturday with my mom and dad and yes Kensi a 19 hour train ride with Kensi we will see how it goes. But we are getting excited we will post pictures.