Monday, November 9, 2009

halloween and our girls night

our crazy girls weekend this is only part of the gifts that we bought.
our cute little girls walkin so cute!

off to trick or treat! kensi did so good at saying at saying trick or treat but then she wanted to go into there house!

this is my costume and how I ammounced to my ward they didn't get it until I told!

My beautiful tinkerbell
Kensi and I had a fun week up with grandma this last week! the girls weekend was also a blast!
Mark had no fun at all hanging out by himself but he did a good job at cleaning the house and having dinner on the table when I came home from a 9 hour drive he is wonderful!!
I'm sure everyone knows by now but our baby number 2 is due may 14 and I am 13 weeks and would be extremely sick but unisom and vit b6 have saved me actually when I forget to take it I can't stop throwing up so it gives me a glimps of how wonderful the medication is!!
so I hope everyone had a wonderful halloween!