Monday, July 20, 2009

my mind is worling

Wow I have just recieved information that a seminary teacher of mine is on trial for multiple things I don't know exactally what it all means but when I read about it my heart was breaking. I'm not here to say whether it is true or not but I keep finding my self wanting to hear it from him. He is an incredible man!!

In high school I recieved a note from him because I was going a little crazy and ditching seminary and other classes, that changed me. He talked about the savior and decision making and he never pointed fingers or stated that what I was doing was wrong but the fact that he wrote it and of course did not sign it but I know that it was his writing it ment so much to me. So I never ditched again and truly was able to look at seminary a different way and loved seminary after this point. he also challenged me to befriend someone in the class only to find out later that that person was considering suicide. We became close friends and that is a relationship that I wont forget!

I am amazed if this is true and I realize that I have no place to judge because I am far from perfect. But wow! He is such an amazing man my mind wont let me believe it. As I read the article I realized that there is alot of the story that I don't know or that anyone knows there is always another side. If he is chaged guilty I will be sad and if he is inocent I will be sad becuase this accusation will change his life forever whether it is in prision or not!

Well to you this wonderful seminary teacher of mine you are still amazing and I hope that I can forget this whole situation and remember only the amazing things that you taught and I pray for your family and also I pray for the young girl whoever she is that she will too someday also be able to look past this horrible situation!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

grand canyon visit

Okay I have no idea why this is underlined but anyway. We decided to take a trip to the grand canyon which by the way is like 45 min from our house, and now we have a season pass so when we have so many visitors we can take you all to the grand canyon. It was a little scary with kensi there were not rails around very mucy so you could walk out clear until the ledge crazy but amazing, truly a breath taking sight!

here is our cute family some man took the picture of us and no I'm not preggo the picture makes it look like I have a belly so don't even think it!
Kensi was pointing at something that she was trying to show me and getting really frustrated that I had not idea what she was looking at but Mark snapped a shot in time.

a crazy chipmunk or I think that is what it was it had no fear of people and it was the fattest little animal I have ever seen. everyone was feeding it poor little guy will never be able to feed himself if he gets lots from that location. Mark put the camera down and he walked right up to it like it was food!

This is an amazing picture of the amazing canyon it was more than I could have ever imagined I have only seen it from an airplane and never realized how huge it is.

and of course our Kensi tied to her stroller like a crazy controlling mother. it took me a while before I dared let her out and of couse she was not about to get down.
Yeah for the 4th we are heading to Utah tomorrow and we are excited to see family I know that we have only been gone for a little over a month but we are ready to see family I'm the most escited to see Kensi's face when she see's family. We are happy to see everyone!!!