Saturday, June 29, 2013

Father like son

Becca found the outfit that mark wore as an infant so I had to take pictures even though mark is a little bigger I think they are so much a like in different ways!! I'll probably try again in a couple of months when brixton gets a little bigger!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So I have been awful at posting so sorry for that! Today I'm just trying to get caught up a little and ill post more pictures as I load them! But as for now this is what we have. Kensi started kinder camp and has loved it! It is a month long transition program to prepare kids for kindergarten. She is doing great and has made lots of new friends!! Just getting her to go to bed at a decent hour is the hard part now but good practice for me for when school starts!!

Brixton is now almost 4 months old and I'm trying to hit milestones with the tractor so I can watch him grow!! The picture in the tractor is 3 months old!! He is so much fun and really only cries in the car!! Dreading the drive to Utah but I think we can make it!! Brixton just got to go to girls camp with me and we had a blast!! Turned out to be a great year! I did a lot of the certification before we left so we could spend more time enjoying each other at camp and that worked out beautifully!!

Avy is doing great other than still being a bad sleeper! I think we have just developed a bad habit but dr thinks it might be her stomach so we have started her on omeprazole and we r going to scope her next week!! So sad I swear Avy has just got some bad luck!! But although still very mischievous she is soo much fun! And now that Kensi goes to school she has become my little helper!! I love it!! Anyway just a quick update for now and I'll post again soon!!

And the last two pictures. One is of our girls weekend when mark went to Utah we had a spa night that was a lot of fun!! And the last picture is our friend that loves to hold brixton in one hand! I can't decide if I think it's cool or scary!!