Friday, May 20, 2011

Avy is finally one well last week she was!!

This post is all over and I apologize for that!! you would think after how long I have been blogging I would learn how to put the pictures in the right order but NOPE!! so here is Avy's first birthday all out of order and stats are... 19.1 lbs, not sure how tall but she is 45% for hight and head! she can say ma ma and dada, sleeping through the night most nights! and started walking at about 11 and a half months!! and what a mean mom am I we went in for her well baby check up only to find out that she had double ear infections!! but for all of you that know we are grateful that surgery will most likely not be until she is 18 months old instead of next month!! yeah but we will know for sure the 3rd of june!(for all that dont know she has massive reflux in her kidney and will need surgery to re insert the ureter into the bladder).

Attempting at a new pose on our weekly picture!!

And back to the traditional!!

at the end of Avy's birthday she was pooped!!

opening presents!!! I beginning to think that these pictures are all out of order!!

ha ha the cake destruction!!

The beginning of the destruction on Avy's first birthday

the set up and gifts for Avy!!

and of corse you have got to have cupcakes to match the cake!!

The cake before it got tore into!!

posing for her firts birthday picture!!