Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Days

It was a beautiful day to play in the snow. Kensi was ready to be outside. It was great to try out her new snow stuff as well.

We love our Snowmen.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sick days

We have had a rough couple of weeks. Kensi had the Flu and now we both have colds. not fun! today we woke up and neither of us felt good so kensi sat and drank a bottle and then slowly we both fell asleep. she origionally fell asleep on me then on Mark then on the ground it so hard to get comfortable when your sick. and yes that tissue is up my nose. I could not get it to stop running.

New years bowling party

Look at them high scores. I only played a half a game then Kensi was ready to go home for a nap.

Ready and

Kensi loved bowling all though she was a mommies girl.

London extended family Christams party

Grandma and Grandpa london excited to be at the party.
The crazy gift exchange. there were some hot $5 items such as pocket knifes and beef sticks.

The girls Courtney and Gracie arent they adorable. Marks sister adopted them both and they are only a day apart. Then after she adopted the second she found out she was pregnant. Only Liisa could handle that she is a wonderful mother.

Me and Gracie This girl was awesome we would go to everyone and loved everyone. We are sad that she and all the rest have gone back to north Carolina.

The girls again with grandma and Liisa.

Christmas eve party

The manger seene trying to act out the tru meaning of christmas.
Kensi doin a great job at being an angel.

Reading the play and singing many songs.

And the most important part the animals.

Christmas wve was great we ate wonderful finger foods and acted out the manger seene then we sang the 12 days of christmas and opened gifts. Sorry for some reason we did not take many other pictures. but the night was wonderful. We love having the christmas eve party at grandma and grandpa Johansen's. And I mean the seriously Mom!

Christmas morning.

we are already to go and see christmas morning at the London's we line up youngest to oldest on the stairs in preperation to see if Santa came. This is Kensi after being up all night explained later.

Kensi was the first let in because she is the younges that can walk. She immediatly took over gifts.
Our families pile of gifts.

Oh, Christmas tree oh christmas tree
Kensi Taking over Londyn's gifts as well.

Unwrapping was ablast and kensi did great after a few gifts she was done.
The favorite gift after this was unwrapped it was all over she was content with this gift alone.

I made mark be excited about his gifts. see don't you think he looks excited!!!

Sled from Liisa and family we loved it. It's a really nice sled that Kensi loves I'm sure with this snowy winter it will get used.

The night before christmas was different and not only because I had a active child for the first time but because I had a child with the stomach flu. The poor thing was up all night throwing up and was green and pale. I never want to have to go through that again which I'm sure I will but it was so sad to watch my child so tired and sick just lay ther and throw up. By morning she was better but we did accomplish the wish of staying up all night on christmas eve. and Ya know what Santa does exist. We saw him!!! Thankheavens it was a blizzard so after we opened gifts Kensi and I went back to bed. Thanks to Liisa who helped us through the sickness and what to do. For being a mother that is a nurse I sure had no clue. And a big thanks to daddy who stayed up all night just because he was worried. He and liisa also made homade pedialyte so we could get something in her. It was definately an eventful night.
Marry Christmas and sorry about the late post.