Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our cute new purchase

Yeah it is official we are home owners. It seems so crazy to me that just like emily said that I am old enough to buy a home! It is crazy that Mark and I are both graduated and on to another chapter in our lives. This is our cute little home. no homes in flagstaff are very big unless you are willing to spend over 500,000 dollars if not then you settle for a cute small one. but this is good for us it is new as of '06 and after a little cleaning it is move in ready. We are so excited and a little nervous to not know a soul but ya know what it seems kinda exciting I get to be who ever I want to and no one will know the difference hehe!
Our kitchen yeah and granite counter tops anyone know about granite some say that I need to take precautions while other say no?? I just might have to research a little more!

Family rm just off the kitchen all ready for the flat pannel that we don't have so a picture or a clock just might have to hang there!

My favorite room the master bath. It has a jetta tub and his and hers walk in huge closets
and . . .

Duel head shower yeah I have always wanted one of these!! people tease me but mark and I have always showered together for the 6 years that we have been married and I am so excited to not have to wait in the cold back of the shower while the other rinses!!!!!
Here it is now don't yall be jelous at our cute little home but I love it because it is my first home!!!
Sorry it has been a while since posting we will take pictures of our mess that we are in right now and you will know why I have not posted!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Okay so Amazing is all that I have to say about that Mark and I got the great oppertunity to go and see wicked a couple of nights ago and it was so incredible. I have definately seen a fair share of brodways actually on broadway and off and many many plays and this topped them all by a mile. It was so good. I bought the tickets almost a year ago for Marks b-day and I was more excited then him I think but however I think that we loved it the same it rushed quickly to the top of both our lists! So for those who have seen it the defying gravity part WOW man I just can seem to say enough I want to go and see it again now. Mark and I made a date out of it we dropped off kensi well mark did while I tried to get a quick nights sleep after working the night before and then we went to lunch at a german restraunt next to capital theatre and FYI to those going the doors do not open until 30 minutes before so don't even bother being early! anyway then we went to the incredible play and next to neilsons frozen custard for a wonderful concreate those are my fav!!! I love dates that are majical like that one was!!! Then we returned to life he he but I guess that is okay considering we have a pretty good one! Well the reason for no posts is my camera card reader is not working so we are trying to figure that out and I have been attmepting again to post a video so keep your fingers crossed for my stupidity.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our house hunting trip

This was part of our drive to arizona it was incredible there were so many different spots that you could stop and take great pictures!! which is great when you are traveling with a one year old!!
Okay this was kensi's favorite thing in the hotel room she would cram in the fridge then try and close it of couse she was too big to fit completely but she tried pretty hard!!

Kensi on our journey hunting for a home! she did surprisingly well on the entire trip the problem was that she got used to it so for a while after the trip she would wake up and want to go and get in the car!!
This is just above Lake powel so when all you come to visit we are about 2 hours away from lake powel and only an hour from the grand canyon! we are expecting visitors. And for all those who are curious we did find a couple homes that we loved and we are in the proces of buying one now., we are to close on april 27 so I will post pictures after I know that we are going to get it!! Yeah we are expecting lots of visitors.