Tuesday, July 20, 2010

utah trip! and blessing

okay be prepaired for pictures. I havent posted in a couple weeks so you get it all in one post. so a lot of pictures without a lot of writing so sorry! My cutie avy that is now smiling and cooing like crazy so much fun! no routiene yet but we are working on it.
Her in her beautiful blessing dress of grandpa's that my grandps wore my mother wore I wore and kensi wore it is beautiful!

We decided to bless Avy in our home ward and it was wonderful! Marks parents were there to visit so we were glad to have some family but it was wonderful to have a circle of amazing friends!
Kensi and her 4th dress Avy has the same one and for some reason I did not get a picture of both of them in the dress!
Swimming at the wonderful neighbors we had a lot of fun too bad there was a ton of wind and it was cold but kensi didn't seem too bothered by it!

This is one of the pictures of us in utah kensi running through the sprinklers it took some coaxing to get her to go but then I could not get her to stop!

Our trip to bear lake was wonderful. There was a sand bar way out so it looks like they are walking on water! We are so grateful for bec and phil for planning it and ryan and mic for coming with us it ended up being so much fun!!

Avy enjoying herself at the beach!

Kensi and Irelynd had their own personal poold that bec dug. that way they got to play in the sand and be in the water at the same time.

The water fights begin!

This was our trip to Lagoon! we had so much fun this is us on the train!

I talked my sister and her kids into coming too and of course my wonderful mother came to babysit. I had not ridden rides in many years so I paid to go and had a blast! I was also shocked at how good the girls did! espicially avy who slept the whole 7 hours we were there only waking up to eat!
Kensi on the mary-go-round it took a little bit of forse but she went on it and had fun!

The cars Kensi's favorite ride!
Avy just enjoying the summer day!
All of us sitting down to enjoy lunchKensi is off pooping in the corner of corse!
Kensi waiting in line for her first ride!
Her first ride I was scared that she would hate it and I was shocked at how much she liked it I think because it sprayed you with water and kensi loves water just like her daddy! Too bad the rest of the rides werent as easy going as this one!

The beginning to a fun day at lagoon! I love that I have yet to learn how to post my pictures in order!

The day before we went to lagoon we decided to go over to Cathy D's pool and swim it was a lot of fun and kensi is getting better at swimming!