Sunday, April 1, 2012

love it!!

Since I'm pretty much terrible at updating!! I'm at work and it is a really slow night so I think that I'll just type you all a note since no one actually reads this but I should have it for yours truly anyhow!! life is crazy now but wonderful I'm trying to figure out how things can get more crazy then they already are but I'm sure they can so I'm not complaining!! the london life's largest changes are: Mark getting put in as first counselor in the bishopbric so now I'm what we call a bench widow!!! I'm thinking I'm going to wait to have any more kids until he is released!! Soo I guess I'm done having kids ha ha!! I'm way proud of him for being worthy to hold such a calling and this calling even makes him in even more of a hurry to move back to utah so that he doesnt get put in as bishop. And for the bench widow my toy bag is just about to burst at the seams with my childrens attention span getting through sacrement without loosing it is .... difficult! oh well live and learn.

But because I'm such a wonderful sain person Mark and I our treating ourselves to a mexican cruise and we leave in 3 weeks for 7 nights!!!! ahh I cant hardly wait. Thanks to my mom for watching kids and our friends that are coming with us it sould be a good time.

Kensi was getting easier as a child for a while then lately has started getting worse going back to 2 year old age where she throws these fits. So we are trying to deal with that with a smile and trying to walk away from her at the grocery store wondering who does that kid belong to!! Ha ha she isnt bad all the time she is quite the little artist and I'll have to put pictures on later but the other day she drew 2 people holding hands( and these arent just stick figures) full fingers and everything. and even pictures on their shirts. I loved it. she is my little distressed artist. but still very caring and sweet.

As for avy for some reason I have a hard time getting mad at her maybe her chubby face or something. she is a very stubborn child and doesnt speak hardly at all(completely opposite from kensi) she is best at having selective hearing it works beautiful!! it all depends completely on what mom is saying to determine if she is going to listen or not!! she is my logic child. the girl can find movies or her favorite games on my phone or ipad no matter how I arrange them. and she can figure things out quickly like putting the soap in the dishwasher and starting it. (now if I could just teach her to load we would be golden) we do rescan her this week to see if her reflux is gone so hopefully it is cleared up!! and hopefully we wont have to have any more surgery!!

As for me well I really think some days I sit down at the end of the day and wonder why I just feel so tired!! I have the proplem lackofsayingnoitis. that is the disease that I have to please everyone and never turn people down if they need help cleaning or painting or need a ride a long or picking up kids or picking up food. and the list continues!! on a little more serious note there are days that I think mann I give my whole self to my kids, and I give my whole self to my friends when they need me and I give my whole self to my husband when he needs me and I give my whole self to my YW when they need me and I give my Whole self to my Patients when I'm at work and I start to wonder how many selves to I have and when will I be whole again!! then I quickly realize that by doing just what I'm doing I'm giving my whole self to him who gave his whole self to us!! and how selfish am I for feeling like i give and do so much and I want more to be done for me when I have a savior who gives all and expects very little in return!! I'm truly grateful for this time of year for the resurrection of our savior!! and I like to look at it as new beginnings!! a better outlook and a hope that I can start being a better me!! one much more like him!!