Sunday, March 31, 2013

Little man!!

First day at church he of course got gobs of attention when all he did was sleep! But I did realize that my girls haven't been to a church in a month and because of Easter morning and trying to get 3 kids ready I didn't pack necessary entertainment for sacrament!! No worries we made it through alive ... Barely! And of course I forgot diapers and all other baby stuff but no need to worry again I live close so incase of emergency, which we luckily didn't have, I could walk 3 seconds to my house!

Easter was great and mark picked out great dresses as usual! We r so blessed to have such a great daddy that buys easter dresses! We found eggs and got our baskets! Mom was blessed with a dress and the Easter bunny was nice enough to leave dad the first season of duck dynasty. Kensi got Legos, and I can honestly say the first Lego to enter our home! And avy got a Minnie guitar! A huge hit! Then after church we were blessed with friends that helped us do a big easter hunt and we ate a great dinner!

The most important thing that happened today was mark giving an incredible 5 th Sunday lesson on the resurrection and it was perfect, to realize how much this day means to me, and how blessed I am to have my beautiful family and great friends! I love you all and hope you had as great of an Easter as me!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Every once in a while we take a picture that makes me realize how much our girls look alike!! This is one of them just before church today!!

Lots to update

So I decided while I'm lying in bed waiting to have a baby and delightfully medicated that I would update a little. Then of course ill. Update when brother gets here!! Ha ha I just accidentally deleted the two paragraphs that I had written so now u will get the watered down version!! The project picture of mark is Him installing out new 51 in Samsung plasma!! It's a smart tv with 3D and we have loved it so far!! Our other tv didn't fill the entire space provided so I knew it was a matter of time until we got a larger one! But.. We r pleased with it..

The next pictures are of me getting larger the green shirt 35 weeks the black shirt 37 weeks(proof that black slims you!! And the others are of me this morning induction day!!

And the last few pictures are of my cute family!! Kensi got all dressed up for a dance with dad and being the sweet man that he is took a second and got dressed up!! I could not stop crying watching this little girl dance with her incredible dad!! Then here comes Avy with a princess dress to join the party!! I loved it!! I'm so blessed in my life for all I have and grateful for what is to come espicilllly this baby boy! He will be a perfect addition to our little family!! Love u all and I'll post as soon as we meet him!!

More pictures!!

Sorry to everyone that I have not been great at posting pictures of our new little guy I will try my bet at being better at it!! So here are a few pictures of the girls and their baby brother!! First family shot with ll three kids! And of course mark and his favorite football holding position! And the last picture is a car that mark made for the girls but Kensi was worried that brother would have a turn so she put a piece of carpet in so it would be soft enough and then begged to have his picture taken in there, with her of course!!

As for everything else we r doing great!! Trying to get out all the many thank you cards to everyone that has so kindly served us over the last few weeks!! And as for brixton, we went in this week of his 2 week appt and he was already 8 lbs. I think they hope that baby will be back to birth weight by 2 weeks for a pound larger. Ha ha! He is starting to be awake more and constantly trying to be a part of the group by sound. If anyone is talking he always turns toward them because he can hear them! I can tell he is going to be social, or at least very attentive! We also had his circumcision done this week! Poor kid! We had to have a specialist do it so that put us a couple weeks out and I'm very grateful that they didn't even give me the option to watch because I don't know if I could have handled it!!

The rest of us are doing great! Mark took this week off work to stay home with me which was nice because we seemed to have a lot of appts! We took my mom back to st George last Friday which was awful because the whole time she was here I didn't do one batch of laundry or do one dish which was soo nice!! I was very grateful that she was willing and able to come down for 10 days and help me!! I owe you mom!!

Hopefully I will keep up with ,y word and am able to post lots of pictures! I hope all is well we love you all!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brixton Turned Two weeks on Monday.  We are grateful for all the help from family and friends.  Here are a couple of the boy with his new room decor