Friday, May 21, 2010

new pictures

Well things are good around here just trying to get adjusted to having 2 kids, many of you are probably laughing at me that thinking 2 is hard but I'm getting there!! Avy has been a beautiful blessing and thus far has been a great baby, still completely mixed up with days and nights but other than that we are doing great! Kensi is getting adjusted she just ignores her alot but still worries about her! the other night she woke up crying and just wanted to see the baby before she could go back to bed. so I know that she loves her and is going to be a concerned, caring big sister! some of these pictures are in a very random order but just me goofin off with the camera! I'm not good at taking pictures but I would like to be so I'll work at it!

Way too big bow I know but I though it was cute!

Love this hat and even more the 99 cents that I paid for it!

of course we cant forget big sister and grandma was wonderful enough to bring a bunch of summer dresses and kensi was in heaven! thanks grandma and grandpa for being the first to come and fuss over kensi first! she loved the attention!

Sorry not the best picture, but it was so nice to have my parents here for the week, they go home tomorrow and they will be missed! it was so nice to always have someone to hold the baby and even more someone that would take her so I could back to bed!! yeah for sleep!

My favorite so far!

first picture at home and glad to be there!

Good bye pregnancy, this was my last preggo shot and although im so glad to be able to bend over again I kinda miss pregnancy, I know crazy but this pregnancy was so much easier than it was with kensi so I'm grateful to have had a nice pregnancy.

The very first meeting! she was not sure just kinda looked at her a little then was off doing other things!

We are so grateful and blessed to have this step of our life go good! We are happy and healthy and although we may be a little bit tired we are so grateful to have had the beautiful oppertunity to expand out family by one more!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

First night home from the hospital and Mommy says she had a long night. Kensi is already getting a little jealous but is also showing Avy the ropes. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and nigh night.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Arrival of the new London

Aveley Taylor London came on May 11th 4:08. She weighs 8lbs 2ozs and is 20 inches long. Mom and Baby are doing well. Avy looks like her big sister. We are very excited to have her here with us.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

new update

The sweet ladies in my ward suprised me with a diaper derby and told me it was just a girls night and Everyone knows that is enough to get me there so I was supprised. There are two other ladies that are also pregnant with me so we had to get the famous belly poses!! but we had a good time Thanks to Katie (sorry about the picture katie) who planned it I'm sure and Thanks to Brianne for also planning and letting us crash at your house.
Mark took this picture of my crazy girl who is in a sweeping phase! so she is always sweeping
Grandpa's peaches are best after she finished the peaches sure enough she grapped the jar off the counter and started drinking she told me over and over that they are so ewishious (delicious).

The famous shot!! And yes I know that I'm the biggest but I'm quite a bit further along then both of them!! So this is Jane at 30 weeks and Glenna at 34 weeks, two of my beautiful friends! Mann I look chubby I guess that is how you get at 38 and 1/2 weeks!!
We are getting excited and a little scared at the same time for this baby to come. I've been trying to spend more time with Kensi and explaining more so this will not come as such a shock but I'm sure it will!! We are so blessed to have the oppertunity to have another child and to have suck great work!! There seems to be more and more people loosing their jobs and having to walk away from their houses and my heart goes out to them!!! The lord has blessed us more than words can explain!