Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter time

We had a wonderful easter weekend! Mark work gives good friday off so we decided to go on a little get away. We only went to prescott which is an hour away but it was still nice to go to the hotel and swim and order room service!! it was wonderful! The first picture is kens and I with the same hair do mark likes my hair braided even though I feel like a little girl! but it is nice to keep it out of my face!

Us waking up after sleeping in for a long time it was nice.
Okay shield your eyes there is story behind this I wanted to go swimming for the baby's sake I think it feels cool when you are way pregnant. so I put on a one piece and sure enough soo much belly to go over and my chest a little exposed, so then I moved on to a tankini and we were laughing because it wouldnt stay down every time I pulled it over my belly it would slowly work back up. so I do own one bikini that I hardly ever wear and that was my last resort! Thank heavens no one was in the pool because I didn't even bring an extra shirt to put over it! so I took a picture and figured heck how often am I pregnant might as well have a big ol picture of myself!! so enjoy! and I bet you will notice my farmer tan before you notice my belly!!

Kensi and mark went to Aunt joys house to have an easter egg hunt and had so much fun we are so grateful to have a little family close! I had to go to babtisms for the dead in snowflake! and that is an all day trip with the youth!

Hunting at Aunt Joys!

Dying easter eggs on sunday was fun except kensi didnt quite grasp that the eggs are fragile and was kinda throwing them around but she sure thought they were pretty when they were different colors. I think I manage to take the most pictures when kensi looks the worst but oh well!

This is just as she woke up she came out of her room and noticed that the easter bunny had left her an empty basket outside her door. she caught on quickly that there was a trail of candy and toys!

We had a neighborhood easter egg hunt that I think I will never go to again. It was a little windy so they felt they should put it inside and it was packed for two seconds of eggs! and kensi was too scared of all the people to even try and get any eggs but we did walk away with a face painting and a nice mini wagon that she got as a prize!!
We are grateful for the wonderful conference and love to hear our prophets. We count our blessings every day that we have a job and a house and a wonderful family! WE are truly blessed in every way!