Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun Tag

Here are the directions-

1. Add a comment on my blog and leave a memory that you and I had together.It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember! I guess good or bad, but be nice!!

If you don't have a blogger account leave a comment as anonymous and sign your name! I want all you blurkers to play along too!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. I'm hoping it's more than 1 person! Don't disappoint me!

Hey I am totally curious what people are going to have to say about me or what they remember. I promise if you comment on mine I will comment on yours.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


To start I want to thank everyone that was able to come to our High School Friend BBQ it was fun to see everyone and to talk. An thanks to Mark and Jake We had great little pork steaks with grilled pinnapple!! It was good to see everyone and I love talking about old times!!!

Next I have to update about Kensi!! She is crawling like a crazy girl and I mean litterally she has not quite got that knee knee hand hand thing She does more of a sneek. She has got the position down but it more like Knee, foot, hand, hand!!It is hillarious and it gets her much further then doing knee knee. She has one tooth and is working on a second. Teething has not been very fun but thanks to teething tabs and tylenol we are making it!! She also is pulling herself up to everying stable or not. She has turft it so many times I feel like a bad mom because she is constantly getting into new things and bonking her head. ( And I am sure that is only to get worse). But no cuts or bruises yet!! Man she is getting fun laughing out loud all the time. and is saying mama and dada and we could be wrong but it sure sounds like she can say londyn. I am not meaning my last name she has a cousin named londyn many of you know that they are best friends. Kensi just thinks that they are the same age and that they are running around playing with each other. Londyn can make her laugh harder than anyone I know. I love it.

As for mark and I, I am still working like crazy and looking forward to every day off. Mark went on his first buisness trip and enjoyed it. Actually thinking and hoping that maybe this would be a good company to work for. They have taught him much and we are greatful. Sorry for the long picturless post but I hope it is a good update.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Tag And Happy 4th of July

Work is slow. It is only 11pm and I have already been playing on the computer for like an hour so I'm in for a long night. I had a great fourth of July with my family and a little while with Mark's family. I love my husband so much. He missed the Huntsville parade and spent a large portion of the day to help my Uncle whom he has only met once, fix his car. I have so much to learn from my husband about service. He serves with no questions asked. I am so grateful and love him so much. Now I am doing another tag from Hilley so I hope you are happy!!!


1. My Kensi: I love that kid so much, I could kiss her face right off.
2. My Mutsi: For all those that don't know that is my husbands nick name. I love him so much and appreciate all that he does for me.
3. Food: Honestly I love good food I am so not good at making good food but that is another reason why the number 2 joy is special.

3 Fears

1. Screwing up: With my fine job I screw up someone dies or well goes through pain of some sort. I have to not think about it too much or it scares the crap out of me. I just do my best.
2. Night: I am seriously scared of the dark I know that is so child like but I hear things and my mind goes crazy about all the things that could be making that sound!! Watch weird t.v. shows doesn't help either.
3. Failure: Mostly to be a good enough wife and mother. I ask my mom so many questions about being a mother because I just want someone to tell me what to do in all situations. I have learned much and still have so much to go!!! as for the wife thing Mark bears with me much. There are definitely days where I am not!!! a good wife.

3 Goals

1. Exercise: Which I think I read is the number one goal among people. Anyway I enjoy exercising too but taking the time is the thing I hate.
2. Spirituality: I think some days that I have so far to go to being that person I want to become. I guess we keep working because the day we reach perfection is the day we raise up to heaven. I just need to keep working to get there.
3. Knowledge: I have only been out of school a couple of months but I think that I want to go back and take some more interesting class like art and photography!

3 Current Obsessions/Collections

1. Kensi: Does that count!
2. I'm going with hill and say Bones and Monk two of my favorite t.v. shows and Yes it was Mark and I that got Jake and Hill stuck on Bones.
3. Houses: My husband and I love building our dream home and drawing it out. We are crazy we own magazines with houses we like and will go out of our way when driving to see houses we like.

3 Random Surprising Facts about Me

1. I could eat chocolate chip cookies probably by the dozen with out batting an eye I absolutely love them.
2. Not surprising if you know me I am absolutely obsessed with Pride and Prejudice I love all the versions and yes I own all the versions. I could watch it daily.
3. I'm slightly obsessed with organizing my money I have several different different accounts and I love watch it grow.

Tag 5 people- (if you haven't done it)Taya, Tara, Emily, Kristen, Meg,Cami!!! (If any of you don’t want too, please don’t feel bad. I don’t care, but it will be fun to read if you do).