Tuesday, October 12, 2010

random pictures

So prepair for a lot of pictures the first ones there are a ton cause mark wanted to see some pictures of the girls so we went out and took them!! for some reason they turned out a little gritty but they are still cute just cause they are my girls!!

I love feet!!

I cant get over Avy's face in this picture not to be mean to my cutie but she looks a little like a monkey!!

Love it her hair looks totally red but be the red wall behind her!!

sitting in the same chair then funny thing is I think that kens actually fits in it pretty good!! we were getting ready to can in this picture

My kensi!! she will be 3 in december

I love her face she looks like a dolll!

I love sweater season!!

This is a baby shower that I threw for my neighbor! turned out cute with zebra and hot pink

Everybody loves a chocoalte strawberry and they matched our theme

Front view of the foot table!

And just to end it off!!

Kensi and her best friend Gracie! they have the funniest love hate relationship and I bet they will until they are older!