Friday, November 21, 2008

First curlers yeah!!! Okay I think that I post way too many pictures of her but what else am I supposed to post. Mark and I are boring well Marks journeying to finding a job is still going he interviews in Flagstaff, AZ in a couple of weeks. This is the job he would like to have so keep your fingers crossed and throw in a prayer for us. As for me well I'm boring still working and trying to loose a few pounds. I have stopped nursing and all of a sudden gained a bunch of weight well I guess that was to be expected. The ICU is still good I guess trying to learn lots. I think when we do move where ever it may be I am hoping for something a little more critical. either more critical or I'm changing my field all together and trying out Labor and Delivery! Well we will let you know. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

leaf play time

Kensi trying to jump it was so cute there is video if I can figure out how to download it.
Of course we have to throw her in it was so hilarious watching her try and find her way out.

Talk about a leaf pile!!!!!!!!

I decided to go and get my wisdom teeth out. It was awesome having teeth ripped from your jaw and looking like a chipmunk that carries nuts only in one cheek! Well it actually was nice to have a few more days home that usual. Don't mind the happy expression.
Side view and no there is no gauze in there.

This is our new cousin Mylee She is my sisters baby and cute as ever. Kensi is convinced that she is her baby and she needs to be around her all the time. Kensi is obsessed with babies and she carries around all stuffed animals like they are babies and pats them and rocks them it is hilarious. anyway my sister said that this is young for a girl to be doing this already( she started doing it at 10 mo.) so I have a video for documentation hopefully I can get it to work.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Were the Flinstones

Here they are. Meet the flinstones. Jessie is Wilma Kensi is Pebbles and Mark was Fred. We had a great Night of Chile homemade bread and wonderful company. We enjoyed Halloween.