Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

 One Incredible Family
  A Minion, Sky, and Elsa Headwear provide by Aunt Becca
This is what happens on a concrete pour with a little boy.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Brixton's first birthday

Had a great day for Brixton! He is a little sick but we decided to have a party for him anyway! He was so funny when he destroyed the cake he kept sticking his fingers in then looking around like he was going to get into trouble! Once he realized he wasn't he destroyed it!! I don't actually think he ate any just covered himself with it! Happy birthday Brixton! He has been such a fun blessing in our lives!  Fav word uh oh, fav food his bottle and really anything that is edible, fav person his sisters they can make him laugh harder than anyone!! This guy is so stinking happy and sleeps great! We'll not everyday but most days sleeps 12 hours at night then takes one 3 hour nap during the day! Always too busy to be held and loves to do things that he isn't supposed to just so he can get chased! So glad I've been able to get to know him this past year he has made my life great! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Always behind

I have come to realize that I will never be good at posting on a regular basis so i am grateful when I find time and remember to cut ally post!! So here is an update on what is going on in our lives!!!
My cute kids in there christmas clothes from grandma and grandpa London!! I love brixtons London gap and this picture catches it perfect!!
Mom is at work night which consisted of taquitos and French fries. Just like growing up it was always fish sticks and fries or chicken nuggets but seeing as Avy can have those we eat taquitos!!  
Our local christmas tree! They have a stand to take pictures on and we never stop so Kensi was so sad that all the tourists got a picture but we didn't so one night we decided to grab one quick!! That's why it's blurry sorry!!!
And this is my beautiful life!!! Words can't express how much I love these 4 people!! I don't know what I would do without them!!! Soo blessed!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Catch up Time

Family photos at Bear Lake this summer

Sibling shot at the big blue
Kensi's first day of school

Disneyland Halloween
Despicable Me too
Avy fell asleep playing the Ipad

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just a few updates

Life has been good lately!! Always so nice to have a long weekend! We had some friends over for Labor Day and mark made amazing shredded BBQ beef tacos and Spanish rice and even hand fried corn shells! All gluten dairy and soy free ha ha!

But we had a couple sleep overs the pictures of mark and the girls on the couch is only minutes before them all asleep! 

Kensi lost her first tooth!! On Thursday she was soo excited! The tooth fairy brought her $2 which I thought was very generous of her and she woke up and said I always thought the tooth fairy would leave me a prize not money!! I was worried but then she said "but I'm so excited I got money!!" 

Avy is still doing good as u can see I think we might take her off gluten as well but this month is going to be a lot of experimenting!! So hopefully I can do this! We have done pretty good so far! If anything it has forced me to make homemade dinner every night which is good!! The picture is of her all formal in her cook ware her favorite outfit at my friends !!

Brixton is good he got his first tooth but I probably wrote about that in my last post!! Still happy smiley kid! Many love him I often don't see him at church at all because he is being passed around! Even Sunday there was a visitor the Lured him under my bench by shaking her keys and now that he is moving good, he went right under to her! She was very excited! And he was excited to get the keys!so win win! The other picture of Brixton is when cleaning out marks closet the girls dressed him up! And avy bonked his head then got him a bandaid!!

Everything else is great! We r blessed is so many different ways! I always love fast Sundays and the strength. that they give! Grateful to be in this church!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Utah Trip Take One

Our trip to Utah Was wonderful!! And thanks to mark we have now figured out how to blog from our phones much easier on me!! So unfortunately I took most of my Utah pictures on my camera but here are a few of us off my phone... The flowers are from mark!! He had them sent to me while he was home! Soo sweet!! There is a couple pictures of us at the zoo with our London cousins that was a blast!! And the picture of avy holding dresdyns hand was soo special she just decided to hold it and held it for a while!! And last but not least is a picture on the way home with our very tired girls!!

More pictures

Kensi on her first day! My three crazy kids and snuggling in Brixtons bed! And avy at our last gastro appointment! Fun fun pictures yeah!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Family and cuts

Well we haven't used our ipad for pictures lately so I only have a few to post until I plug in my camera! First picture is our family last week for church! Brixton is close to 6 months old now and got his first tooth last week! He is now sitting, well until he face plants it anyway. He is also attempting to crawl! He gets from point a to point b really fast!! But hasn't mastered crawling! He is still an easy going kid In spite of he cold he has right now!!

Avy is doing good and being Avy, our problem child! Many of you know she was recently diagnosed withEoE (eosinophilic esophagitis) like her daddy! So we r just trying to eliminate foods to figure out what is causing the swelling in her throat!! We r currently eliminating dairy and soy!! Little did I know soy is in everything!! Ahh but I'm learning the less processed the food the less likely it has soy! So I'm going to be cooking a little more so I know what ingredients are going into my food!! Mark is going to be doing this elimination diet with her so hopefully all will go well and we will keep you posted as we have only been doing this 2 days ha ha!!

Kensi is our big kindergartner!!! She loves it! And hasn't had too many melt downs so far, which for Kensi is huge!! She got her name on the board one day for talking so much and was so devastated I don't see it happening again! Her teacher is mrs mann and has 30 students 20 of which r boys and no assistants so my friend and I are going to try and switch off babysitting so we can help in class!! The other pictures are first of all her blanket was getting so worn that one night I went in her room to check on her and it was wrapped around her neck twice, scared me to death so next morning it was cut into pieces! The last picture was back to school hair cut I cut more than I was planning but after i measured it and realized I cut 8 1/2 inches so I'm wishing I would have cut another 1 1/2 inches and donated it! But I'm very grateful that it is shorter makes school mornings much nicer!!

As for mark and I nothing has changed! We r playing on a co-Ed softball team and we won our first game mark tore his hamstring in the process ending up with an enormous bruise above the knee but I think it was worth it! I'll post pictures of Kensi's first day in a bit!!

We are feeling blessed for all we have and for a strong growing family!!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th on July

After a long ride to Utah we r finally here!! Avy decided to get sick right before we left and so we decided to go for it anyway but I felt bad after because we went to organ clinic to find out she had massive double ear infections with a large change in elevation probably didn't feel good!! So because of that she also threw up most of the way but we made it!! About 10 minutes after we arrived mark was already in the water and Avy was already wearing dresdyns swim trunks!!

The fourth was only a few days later and was great!! Woke up and drove dads car In the parade then headed to henefer for the fair that was extremely hot but fun!! Then back to the London's for water fun!! Mark set up an obstacle course that all the kids ran followed by mark and sure enough Liam was the ultimate winner!! Next was an incredible meal of boneless ribs and Dutch oven potatoes!! And incredible fireworks put on by Phil finished off a great Fourth of July!