Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th on July

After a long ride to Utah we r finally here!! Avy decided to get sick right before we left and so we decided to go for it anyway but I felt bad after because we went to organ clinic to find out she had massive double ear infections with a large change in elevation probably didn't feel good!! So because of that she also threw up most of the way but we made it!! About 10 minutes after we arrived mark was already in the water and Avy was already wearing dresdyns swim trunks!!

The fourth was only a few days later and was great!! Woke up and drove dads car In the parade then headed to henefer for the fair that was extremely hot but fun!! Then back to the London's for water fun!! Mark set up an obstacle course that all the kids ran followed by mark and sure enough Liam was the ultimate winner!! Next was an incredible meal of boneless ribs and Dutch oven potatoes!! And incredible fireworks put on by Phil finished off a great Fourth of July!

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