Friday, January 22, 2010

Mark attempting to get into our shed he was almost waist deep on the way out there!
Forgot to clean up the lawn furniture but goes to show how high it is!

up the fence! it is quite deep.

the snow drift makes some places much higher than others but glad to have mark to shovel it!

And of corse I had to post this! Kensi decided to empty out all of her drawers and she started crying so I went in there not knowing that she was doing this and she was crying because all the clothes were gone!!! Somehow I didn't feel too bad that all the clothes were gone! she played for a little while then sure enough we had to put all the clothes back! I hope that this doesn't become a habit!
As for us Mark gets to be home from work due to the snow so we are glad to have him and for the fact he made kens and I blueberry pancakes with maple butter syrup for the top they were amazing! My job is going good and only working a little bit is nice! Baby is getting big and moving a ton! I'm beginning to think that she never sleeps oh yeah it is a girl I have that posted somewhere I think but not for sure name yet! most of you know that I got called to be they young womens president this week and am excited and scared for that all at the same time. Well other that that everything is great with us getting through the snow storm! so we hope all is well with everyone else!