Saturday, December 20, 2008


Alright so I tried to post the many things that I am thankful for around Thanksgiving many times and always seemed to struggle and now considering that is my birthday well it was 2 hours ago and am feeling so special I'll give it another shot. For the last twenty five years I have been so blessed. I have a wonderful family and I have a wonderful husband who also has a wonderful family. My daughter is the world to me and I learned this the last day or so how hard she is to leave. I was impressed with my self that I only called home to check on her 3 times. My wonderful parents took my little girl so that Mark and I could go on a wonderful night out together. Mark is the best at planning dates. He actually left and gave me time to get ready while Kensi slept. Then we went down to the little america and checked in. Which of course they offered an upgrade which of course we took and 700 sq feet of wonderfulness. equip with a huge TV and a double bum tub. It was awesome. next we went to gateway to walk around and of course bought me an entire outfit, my husband egging me on the whole time I love it when he does that. then off to McGraphs I have no idea how to spell that but it was wonderful. for anyone who ever goes there you have to get the Italian cream soda they are to die for and free refills!!! next with our very full bellies on to the movie theatre I had forgotten how much I love the movies. WE went and saw four christmas' and loved it. We both laughed so hard. then walked the lights of temple square and walked back to the hotel it was perfect. I missed my kensi but it was so fun to snuggle up to mark and just walk!! we stopped for hot chocolate and bought a 5$ bag of M&m's I'm pretty sure they had gold in them. back to the hotel for swimming and sleeping in. Thanks to my wonderful hunny who planned such an incredible night and again thanks to my parents who by watching Kensi made it possible. So that was my birthday celebration on my real b-day I did a chocolate tasting and I slept then mark made me wonderful sandwich which he now calles the jessica. The entire day was All wonderful accept getting yelled at at work by an angry day shift nurse but to be expected with him!!!!!!!! He He anywayThanks to everyone that called and those of you that didn't, good effort!! I am now 25 years old and still loving every minute of life!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Birthday Status

I stole this from my cousin to give the FYI on my daughter.
Kensi's 1 year stats:height: I'm acutally not sure the doctor did not tell us.
weight:19 lb 10 oz
hair: light brown and some say it has red in it.
eyes: bright blue we think from the mail man because neither mark or I have blue eyes.
teeth: 8
favorite foods: bananas, Chips, Coke! We feed our daughter quite well. She really is a great eater she will eat anything we put in fromt of her.
favorite beverage: I tell ya coke but she usually takes a sip and then spits but she always wants more. She drinks apple juce the most.
favorite toy: I'm going to have to go same as cousin hannah and say her baby doll, also her new birthday piano.
favorite song: She is a huge singer, so you turn up the music and she will sing at the top of her lungs she has loved the christmas music.
favorite book: She loves Dr. Seuss
favorite movie: Ya know what she has not really got into movies yes she wil watch a little TV here and there but just way too busy for sitting still.
favorite game: Peek a boo all the time.
favorite place: Walmart, home Depot with daddy.
best friend: Londyn even though londyn does not think so. Londyn is actually quite scared of Kensi. Kensi just loves kids. anyone who will play with her she seems to think is hillarious.
walking: it was so hard because it was one step for a couple of weeks. I'm saying about 1 week after her 10 month mark she was walking.
favorite time: before bed we usually play and giggle. My favorite time is early in the morning she takes for ever to wake up and she will just sit on my lap for a while I love it.
naughty deed: oh ther is so many she knows that they are naughtly too because whenever she gets close to doing something she will look and me and say and shake her head at the same time " no no no" . She fell out of her crib the day after her birthday and I freaked out. I would not let her go I was so worried about her well sure enough she is fine and at her appt. later that week the doctor said that it does happen more than you would think.
daily schedule: Most days. Wake up about 7:00 am and then bottle and goes back to sleep until about 10:30, get dressed and do hair and eat breakfast which is usually oatmeal yougart and bananas. Quick errands or cleaning house usually. 1:00pm nap wakes up about 4:00 pm and play with daddy and run errands get dinner ready eat snacks. then about 7:00pm eat dinner and play. 10:30pm bed time and usually sleeps all night she still wakes everyonce in a while. Schedules have been hard to stick with becuase my husbands and I's schedules are so differnet then most.
Talents: Climbing, sign language, smiling and makeing others smile.

Being a mother has been one of the most wonderful things in my life and I feel so fortunate to have sucha wonderful child in my life Kensi Daddy and I love you so much and we are so greatful to have you.

Kensi B-day

The tree It looks a little crazy but let me tell you it was a Christams vacation moment! Laaaa

Kensi was all bundled and it was cold, but she was not about to sit around and wait for us.
On Kensi's b-day we also did ginger bread houses well actually Mark built a village it was awesome but of course we forgot to take a pre pictures and after the candy everything was kind of destroyed.

Kensi's favorite gift a piano that you sit and play at she loved it.

She loved all the gifts thanks for everyone that came sorry that we did not get more pictures I will try and upload the video of the Cake it was awesome.

Friday, November 21, 2008

First curlers yeah!!! Okay I think that I post way too many pictures of her but what else am I supposed to post. Mark and I are boring well Marks journeying to finding a job is still going he interviews in Flagstaff, AZ in a couple of weeks. This is the job he would like to have so keep your fingers crossed and throw in a prayer for us. As for me well I'm boring still working and trying to loose a few pounds. I have stopped nursing and all of a sudden gained a bunch of weight well I guess that was to be expected. The ICU is still good I guess trying to learn lots. I think when we do move where ever it may be I am hoping for something a little more critical. either more critical or I'm changing my field all together and trying out Labor and Delivery! Well we will let you know. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

leaf play time

Kensi trying to jump it was so cute there is video if I can figure out how to download it.
Of course we have to throw her in it was so hilarious watching her try and find her way out.

Talk about a leaf pile!!!!!!!!

I decided to go and get my wisdom teeth out. It was awesome having teeth ripped from your jaw and looking like a chipmunk that carries nuts only in one cheek! Well it actually was nice to have a few more days home that usual. Don't mind the happy expression.
Side view and no there is no gauze in there.

This is our new cousin Mylee She is my sisters baby and cute as ever. Kensi is convinced that she is her baby and she needs to be around her all the time. Kensi is obsessed with babies and she carries around all stuffed animals like they are babies and pats them and rocks them it is hilarious. anyway my sister said that this is young for a girl to be doing this already( she started doing it at 10 mo.) so I have a video for documentation hopefully I can get it to work.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Were the Flinstones

Here they are. Meet the flinstones. Jessie is Wilma Kensi is Pebbles and Mark was Fred. We had a great Night of Chile homemade bread and wonderful company. We enjoyed Halloween.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Go Jazz

Kens and I were able to go to the Jazz game thanks to Jacki and it was so much fun. We went with alot of the girls and certainly missed those who could not come! So After the game that Kensi and Rylin did very well at we were walking out and Kensi was being her usual self and waving to everyone that passed and we were taking this underground passage out it was pretty cool. (Pays off to have friends in high places he he thanks again Jacki)anyway kensi was waving away and I looked up to see who she was waving to and sure enough it was andre!! I was quite excited and he was saying hi to everyone and he sid hi to Kensi and sure enough she kept on waving! I loved it. So game was a blast and I loved to see everyone. We don't get together enough! Thanks again to Jacki your awesome.

Monday, October 20, 2008


The next day we rented a Car and drove to Monterey! We saw the aquarium which was amazing.

Train Ride

our vacation ended up being a blast. We rode the train 19 hours to emeryville, CA I was shocked and how well kensi did. Yeah itwas a long drive but it was so fun. Kensi took naps and even slept through the night on the train I was shocked. Then we got off the train and took the bart to San Francisco.

Our trip to San Francisco

In SanFransicso we were able to walk on fishermans warf and go to Alcatraz. Talk about creapy, the jail was cold and dark and what a horrible place it would be to stay. We also found out that it was also a place to live that the security gaurds families lived on the island CRAZY! We hung out that night and had a blast.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Beauty of Science.

Big shout out for the body worlds. It was awesome and even better I got in FREE. all health care professionals got free admissions. The body is amazing. Heavely father did a pretty good job in making us. I was amazied at the facts and I feel like I learned so much. Although I was expecting it to be a little bigger some told me they thought it was too big so everyone is different. But huge recomendation for everyone to go it is worth the 22 bucks and students get in for 19.50. make sure you buy your tickets before online becuase when I got there is was sold out but we got ours online. Keep that in mind. I think it remains until Februrary!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We went miniature golfing. I actually had a Saturday night off which does not happen very often and It was so fun. I have not been mini golfing in so long.Kensi would run after the balls every time we hit them then it was her favorite to get them out of the hole at the end.

She climbed on all the different obstacle courses.

At the end of the course there is this out house and you hit the ball to never get it back. This is Kensi's sign for all done. Which she now says and I love it, after every meal or nursing she sits up and puts her hands up like this and says all done! AAAHHH too young to be talking but she surely is.

Chocolate is her favorite we don't give it to her much but when we do if we try to take it away we get in major trouble. yes tantrums and all.
Cheerleader position. She sits like this all the time and it cracks me up because I do to. Any way I love this munchkin.
As for Mark and I we have been house hunting lately we are anxiously waiting to see where Mark will get a job and if we find out it is in Utah we have a couple houses in mind. Mark is applying all over the world, but we have until May when he graduates to find out for sure. I'm a little scared to live outside of Utah but excited at the same time. We will see we will live where we need to live. Kensi is now walking and talking she waves hi and good bye. I love it. I feel like in the last month she has grown up so much I cant seem to keep up. She points and things and gets excited.
We are going to San fran on saturday with my mom and dad and yes Kensi a 19 hour train ride with Kensi we will see how it goes. But we are getting excited we will post pictures.

Monday, September 15, 2008

First Owie

Kensi Decided to jump right into the concrete before we could grab her. This was our first owie and she handles it quite well. A little Tylenol for the Headache I'm sure she had and then back to cruisin' around again.
I love that band aids make everything better. I did not have one on her head for a while and she was ornery but as soon as the band aid was put on she was a much happier girl.

Daddy and Kensi after playin' in the rain and the first 3-wheeler ride.

NEW DISCOVERY kensi loves corn I did not even think about trying it and before I new it she scooped up my corn and with her two little teeth went to town. No laughin' at me in the background!!!!!!!!!!
I have now figured out how to make Kensi let me do her hair. Before I get her dressed or change her in the morning I put her diapered only self in the sink with the water on. She is so entertained with the water she does not seem to mind that I am doing her hair. works great!
New favorite thing is helping with everything which of course makes it a thousand times harder I never have to look for Kensi because almost always she is sitting on my feet.

These Jammie's did not fit until after she could stand so I am still determined to where them. She gets frustrated when trying to get up and crawling.
It was poring in huntsville one day so we thought we had better try it out! Kensi loved it.
After the rain had soaked us.

Okay I am sorry that I only post once a month and then I post so much people get bored, but deal with it! He He all is well with the London family. Mark is still trying to get through school and I am still trying to love work. Kensi has been standing for an entire month but the craziest thing is she has no desire to walk she will sand up then crawl to the next location only to stand up again. She is not 9 months old and 18 pounds and of course getting to big too fast. Temper tantrums and all got to love getting older.