Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Utah trip post2

So because I now post off my iPad I can't explain every picture so this post is all about Johansen cabin trip to Yellowstone!! Our cabin was actually in island park but it was all beautiful either way! We visited old faithful and the hot pots we went to a theater and saw a show called home school musical 2 it was hilarious and we were grateful to have nieces and nephews all old enough to be able to leave all the little ones home it was nice!! One of our favorites was the upper and lower falls we even hiked down in to be right on top of the fall which about killed me carring Avy! Another favorite we went to a natural spring and i think it was honestly the most beautiful place i have ever seen!! So here are the pictures of a wonderful week!! Thanks mom and dad for making it possible and my whole family for making it fun!! We love u all!! Sorry if I didn't explain a picture!

Church ready!!

I attempt to take a picture of my girls every Sunday but doesn't always happen!! But here r a few! I'm trying to import from my card to my iPad so the pictures might not look too clear but I have to try it out! The other picture is us out by the fire and for some reason it was huge we think the valve was broken but it was fun for us!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


For family nights out we have started fishing! We r surrounded by beautiful lakes and need to take more advantage of them! Avy was hilarious I would cast her pole then hand it to her and she would real it in then hand it back!! We did this for a solid hour and she just sat there it was really nice. So just keep that in mind if anyone ever comes to visit we will take u fishing!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A day in our life!

We r going a little crazy around our house!! Avy has decided she deserves more attention and is in battle destructive mode!! The one picture is of what she did while I was doing some banking!! Serves me right not checking on her every 2 minutes! The best part is the laundry detergent was at the top of the closet so she scaled 5 shelves then muscled it down then proceeded to dump the entire thing on the floor!! . So as I sat and thought of the first step in cleaning this up... Moping,scraping back into container, rags?? I had no idea, but apparently kensi could read the look on my face and said its ok mon I'll get some rags and help u!! What a sweet heart!! So while we cleaned avy got into everything else like empting my pill cubord dumping olive oil and vinegar on a batch of cookies soaking each individually!! Next I ban her to the couch to not move and she obeyed completely even when she needed to pee!! Just decided to soak my couch!! Ahhh all in a day!! Got to love being a mom! Finally I knew we had to get out of house!! So we pumped up the little pool and we swam!! In cold water and I would let them get out ha ha! But of course they loved it!! So that's a day of my life and I hope it makes everyone smile and remember their bad days as fun !!

Friday, August 10, 2012

utah trip part 1.

Our trip to Utah Was wonderful!! And thanks to mark we have now figured out how to blog from our phones much easier on me!! So unfortunately I took most of my Utah pictures on my camera but here are a few of us off my phone... The flowers are from mark!! He had them sent to me while he was home! Soo sweet!! There is a couple pictures of us at the zoo with our London cousins that was a blast!! And the picture of avy holding dresdyns hand was soo special she just decided to hold it and held it for a while!! And last but not least is a picture on the way home with our very tired girls!!

And just so you know I will put pictures on because I accidentally put them on my other blog of london family flavors so you can just look there if you wish!!