Friday, August 29, 2008

Me tag

I am: a wife, a mother, and a nurse.
I know: that I am adaughter of God.
I want: to make everynoe happy.
I have: More than I could ever deserve
I wish: I could remove the evil in the world so my daughter could play like I could as a kid.
I hate: Mushrooms, Politics, and unhappy people that look for the bad in everything.
I miss: being able to eat crap all the time and not feel sick and not gain weight.
I fear: That I am not a good enough mother and wife.
I hear: Monitors all the time, but right now I am at work so they are real. But all you nurses know that they never seem to go away.
I smell: Hospital! enough said!
I crave: Chocolate milk and My husbands cooking.
I search: my self for things that I can improve on.
I regret:letting people down or speaking before thinking.
I love: Mark man he is so wonderful to me.
I care: about my house and keeping it tidy
I am not: and house mother that cooks and cleans and does not work I enjoy work hopefully it wont have to be so much some day.
I sing: in the car loud and to Kensi soft.
I fight: not often I back down when intimadates.
I write: a journal for the Kens.
I loose: My wallet constantly.
I win: Paper, rock, scissors with mark well that used to be true but I think that he has been practicing.
I never: a patient to die because of something I did wrong.
I listen: to My Kens I cannot seem to get enough.
I am scared: That I am not enough for my incredible husband.
I need: Lots of kisses.
I am happy about: Mark being almost done with school.

This tag is for anyone who whats to do it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bear Lake

Well it has been a while but we finally went on a well needed vacation. we rented a cabin in Bear Lake and just relaxed with Bec, Phil and londyn it was so much fun and a trip that I hope we will make annual. Thanks to all those who came and helped us fill this large cabin a couple of nights it was a blast. This is Kensi getting to the beach she loves the water.
Although much colder that she expected she still loved it.
Mark, Bec, Phil and Londyn went to the Ice Caves in Paris, Idaho I stayed home with sleeping Kensi. For all those who are planning to go because this picture makes them look so neat. Mark said that they were not that impressive. I think that he was just trying to make me feel better about not going.
Kensi sleeping on Dad on the porch of our cabin he get her to sleep better than anyone.
One day we decided to rent wave runners and although they were expensive for gas they were a blast. I have never been on a boat or wave runner at bear lake it is HUGE much bigger than Pine View!!!
This is the view from our cabin! What a beautiful lake.
This is the porch where we honestly spent 3/4 of our time and that bed Kensi spent most of her time in it. It is an old play pen that was all plastic. If you know anyone that has one I want one I loved it it was easy, light, and big for playing!!
Mark and I getting ready for building fires.
Kensi's first fire she could not get enough too bad it was late and she was tired to spend too much time there. She did love what she did see!

So other that our fun trip the rumors are true I did have my appendix out which what the least fun thing that I have done in a while. I refused to go to the Doctor for ever hey I'm a nurse I know what I'm talking about so FYI when your appendix go bad it starts in the upper abdomen so it feels like stomach pain so bad and it takes hours for it to shift to the right lower quadrant!! anyway. It was not fun because after surgery I could not lift kensi so I had to have a baby sitter all the time. Thanks to mom, Jill, Becca and Lynne and of course my main baby sitter Mark. Of course for everyone it was not easy because they got to babysit me and Kensi! Not fun I'm sure!
It also was Mark's Birthday on the 1st and He got Wicked tickets for when they come next year we are both so excited. He also go a tool with his dad it's called a plainer or something like that and Seasons 3,4,and 5 of monk one of our favorites. Thanks to my mom and marks mom for those!! We love them. Well sorry that it has been a while those little illnesses sneak up on you and then you don't want to do anything for a while. I hope all is well.