Thursday, March 25, 2010


WE were making a chocolate cake for the missionaries and kensi decided to lick the spoon and I gave her the empty bowl thinking if she wanted to dunk the spoon back in she could. I continue cooking and sure enough notice that she gave up on the spoon and went to licking the bowl. so she caoted herself with chocolate. After I noticed this much I just let her finish licking the bowl, what is the use in stopping after this!
Sorry kinda a blurry picture!! We are just so excited that it is warming up and you can actually last out side without a coat. Kensi and I got dressed up to go shopping today with a friend and her daughter, gracie, Gracie is kensi's age and many people looked at me weird if Jane walked off because her I am quite pregnant and two little blondies!! I got asked like 10 times if they were twins and when I said no people even showed me more sympathy. (This is in Arizona where people dont have that many kids). Then I woudl continue to explain that only one was mine and Jane would usually show up and she is big and preggo too so everyone began to make sense of it all!! Kinda funny! but it was a great day!

33 Weeks I make myself post this as often as I can becasue I don't have that many pictures of me pregnant with kensi and I was kinda sad. I think that it is fun to compare week to week between kids so to all you on your first. Take lots of pictures even if you feel fat because you will want them later!!
Everything is Great here is Williams Arizona. Actually have days where a feel a little home sick but taht is to be expected!! espicailly that I really havent too bad thus far! We are working on potty training and I think I want to hurt everyone who ever said that potty training is easy. Because it's not and I keep thinking that maybe kensi is not ready but she sure acts ready and is plenty smart to figure it out but oh well we have good days and bad but just taking it slow because it will get the best of me if I let it! so anyway if any advice is wanted I will gladly accept it! Well I hope everything is well with everyone else and Even if you feel like your blogs are nto read they are by me!! always!! So take care to all
P.S. stay in tune mark is going to be starting a food blog and we will let you know what it is as soon as he starts it!