Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Brixton's first birthday

Had a great day for Brixton! He is a little sick but we decided to have a party for him anyway! He was so funny when he destroyed the cake he kept sticking his fingers in then looking around like he was going to get into trouble! Once he realized he wasn't he destroyed it!! I don't actually think he ate any just covered himself with it! Happy birthday Brixton! He has been such a fun blessing in our lives!  Fav word uh oh, fav food his bottle and really anything that is edible, fav person his sisters they can make him laugh harder than anyone!! This guy is so stinking happy and sleeps great! We'll not everyday but most days sleeps 12 hours at night then takes one 3 hour nap during the day! Always too busy to be held and loves to do things that he isn't supposed to just so he can get chased! So glad I've been able to get to know him this past year he has made my life great! 

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