Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Well as explained before I can't post under my pictures so ill try to give an update for all the pictures that I posted starting way back at thanksgiving!! We had a great time a little low key thanksgiving dinner at home with one other family in the ward and because my husband is his mothers son...... A lot of food!!!!! Just hung out the afternoon and did some online shopping!we had a great time! The only picture I got of thanksgiving was getting ready to brine the turkey we got out a large cooler and before we knew it Avy had climbed in and got completely stuck!! So stinking funny.

Next we had Kensi's birthday. We just had a few friends over and kensi was filled with delight to be he center of attention! She had a cake " from the store" because although I have always made their cakes she thought it was better from the store, soo sure enough we bought a cake from SAMs even though it did pain me a little to do so! For her birthday dinner Kensi wanted very specifically mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, broccoli and very specifically home made ice cream!, I was a good day and Kensi was grateful for all of it which made it made worth while..

Next my birthday was a glorious one filled with kids who all had the stomach flu! As well as my mom! So even though everyone was sick I am pregnant and am not going to go without cake so I made my own!! And had a ton of it!! Delicious

Next Christmas but thanks to a dead camera those pictures are on my moms camera so they will be posted soon! But Christmas was fantastic with lots of wonderful family! We realized how blessed we are in all things! What more do you need when you have so much family!!

Last but not least we took a couple family shots because we were matching!! Ha ha not really planned but turned out better than we thought. I love our little family!! Even though some days seem to never end and some days I feel soo tired but the girls always make up for it by being so great to me!! I am truly blessed!!

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